Axie Infinity – Your guide on how to breed an Axie

In Sky Mavis’ Axie Infinity, there are two ways you can have these Axies or the NFTs in the form of those cute yet deadly creatures that you can use in battles. The first one is through buying in the game’s dedicated Marketplace where you can shop and purchase the Axies you desire to have – more like how the traditional NFTs work.

The second one, on the other hand, is the more game-like way of having Axies. This is through Breeding which has been an integral part of the whole Axie Infinity ecosystem. It allows the flow of balance between all aspects of the game and its economy to ensure value on all possible assets players and investors can get in the game and in the marketplace as a whole.

But as easy as it may sound, the Breeding process in Axie Infinity has a lot of factors needed to be considered before you may do so. Yet do not worry because here, we will tackle everything you need to know about Breeding in Axie Infinity.

Axie God Reptile

What is Breeding in Axie Infinity?

Just like its literal meaning, Breeding in Axie Infinity is really the act of mating two creatures in the game. And this results in the production of offspring which of course, are new Axies in the ecosystem. Axies are hatched from Eggs which are incubated for five days after the Breeding process took place.

Axie Breeding Factors You Need to Know

But before you can proceed with the actual Breeding process in the game, again, as I’ve mentioned, there are some factors you need to know first.

1. Breed Count

Each Axie has a corresponding Breed count which represents how many times it already entered the Breeding process. An Axie can be bred up to a maximum of 7 times. That is why virgin Axies that have 0 breed count cost more compared to those that were already bred. This is because every time an Axie will enter Breeding, the SLP cost to do so becomes higher depending on how many times it was already bred. You should also take note of the Axie Shards (AXS) you need as an additional Breeding fee – with an amount 0.5 AXS in order to proceed.

Here are the current Breeding costs (SLP) for Axies depending on the number of times it was bred:

  • 0/7 Breed Count – 1800 SLP (Breed no. 1)
  • 1/7 Breed Count – 2700 SLP (Breed no. 2)
  • 2/7 Breed Count – 4500 SLP (Breed no. 3)
  • 3/7 Breed Count – 7200 SLP (Breed no. 4)
  • 4/7 Breed Count – 11,700 SLP (Breed no. 5)
  • 5/7 Breed Count – 18,900 SLP (Breed no. 6)
  • 6/7 Breed Count – 30,600 SLP (Breed no. 7)

Take note that Axies which are siblings cannot Breed together. Of course, it’s just inappropriate even in a game.

2. Genes and Mutation

Now, this is where things get a little more complex in the Breeding process of Axies. Also, this is where the risk becomes higher.

The Genes represent the body parts of the Axies – which also represent the cards and effects an Axie possesses. But just like in real-life genetics, each Axie part has 3 possible genes which are classified as either the dominant (D, 37.5% chance to be passed down), recessive (R1, 9.375% chance to be passed down), and minor recessive gene (R2, 3.125% chance to be passed down).

Mutations on the other hand are those instances where a gene changes to a totally different body part. This is regardless of the chances of genes from the parent Axies to be passed down on to the offspring ones. Pure Axies almost have zero percent chance of having a Mutation, though R1 and R2 genes each have a 10% chance to see one.

Take a look at the chances of an Axie to have 0-6 Mutations:

  • 0 mutations – 28.24% chance
  • 1 mutation – 37.66% chance
  • 2 mutations – 23.01% chance
  • 3 mutations – 8.523% chance
  • 4 mutations – 2.131% chance
  • 5 mutations – 0.379% chance
  • 6 mutations – 0.049% chance

How to breed Axies

Axie Infinity Breeding Process

Now you already know what are the things you need to consider first before Breeding two Axies, you are ready to learn how to do the actual Breeding process. And it’s very easy to do.

If you still do not have any Axies with you, go to the Marketplace and look for at least two Axies. Again, consider all the factors we mentioned before you choose because it will cost you real-life money. You will need Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) to buy those, as well as the AXS and SLP fee to breed the Axies that you will buy.

Once you have all of those requirements, proceed by going through your Marketplace Inventory. Choose the Axies you want to breed. Look for the Breed button and click it. It will then allow you to select the mate Axie. Finish by pressing “Let’s Breed!” given all the assets you need are complete. Your offspring Axie egg/s will show up immediately in your Inventory as well.

Axie Breeding in Version 3

With the next and final (at the moment) version of Axie Infinity coming very soon, known as Version 3 or Origin, it is still quite unsure if the usual Breeding process in the present Version 2 of the game will carry over. Sky Mavis hasn’t given us details yet about that one.

Though as for an educated guess, it probably won’t change. The Breeding aspect with the biggest chance of having adjustments would be the breeding fee (either the AXS or SLP). This is because of the possible value growth of those tokens, especially with SLP since burning mechanisms such as the Runes and Charms mechanic will cost SLP as a fee for every move or upgrade that will take place. So, imagine the demand for SLP once Origin arrives given the fact that Sky Mavis already removed the SLP rewards from the Adventure mode and Daily Quest this Version 2.

But as for the process, it most likely will be the same – not unless Sky Mavis drops something. Keep an eye on our stories as Axie Infinity Origin inches close, so make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.