To get started in Axie Infinity, you have to purchase three Axies from the Axie Infinity marketplace. Axie Infinity is currently one of the most popular NFT games at the moment. The marketplace is where you can buy land, decorations, Axies, and other in-game items.

Since 2021, the P2E game has attracted users from all over the world. Much of the credit goes to its engaging gameplay and massive earning potential. Players get to play a Pokemon-style game and earn SLP and AXS tokens. These tokens can later be converted into traditional money.

Here’s a detailed overview of the Axie Infinity Marketplace to help you get started.

What is an NFT Marketplace?

Let’s understand what NFTs are, before we wrap our heads around the NFT marketplace.

NFT is short for “Non-Fungible Token” which implies that the token is not replaceable and cannot be replicated. These non-interchangeable tokens can represent photos, audio, or videos.

Let’s take an example: A Bitcoin can be replaced by another Bitcoin as both of them have the same value (you will have the same thing after the replacement). However, you cannot replace a one-of-a-kind trading card or an artwork with another trading card or artwork.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

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The concept of NFTs is very similar to cryptocurrencies. The only difference is that NFTs represent artworks, antiques, collectibles, and other unique things. Just like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are stored on a blockchain. However, the value of NFTs is reduced when you split them into smaller fragments. The NFT creator can create extra copies and sell them. But again, these duplicates get recorded on the blockchain.

So, what do you get on an NFT marketplace?

An NFT marketplace is a platform where you can sell, buy, and trade NFTs. To buy or sell NFTs, you have to sign up on this marketplace and connect your crypto wallets. You can expect to see a lot of NFTs. As of now, OpenSea is the biggest NFT trading platform.

Axie Infinity Gameplay and Features

At its core, Axie Infinity gameplay has four main features: land, breeding, battles, and the marketplace. Here, we will look at each of the latter three aspects in brief:

Land: Axie Infinity’s universe is named “Lunacia”. This land is divided into 90,601 parts and each part is an ERC-721 token. The piece of land is a home for your Axies. If you are lucky, you might find AXS tokens on your land. Your plots can be upgraded with other in-game items (like land decors) that you can buy off the marketplace.

Breeding: Breeding and trading Axies is another way of earning crypto rewards. The traits of the offspring are determined by the genes of the Axies that have been bred together. The creators of Axie Infinity have devised a way of controlling the Axie population. This is why each Axie can be bred only seven times. Each time you breed Axies, you are charged .002 ETH. You can also deploy these newly bred Axies into the battle fields or breed them further.

Battle: In Axie Infinity, there are two modes – Adventure mode and PvP mode. The adventure mode (or the campaign mode) has levels where your Axies go against the bosses. In the PvP mode, your Axies fight other players’ Axies in turn-based card strategy rounds. All Axies have different traits but they all have same four stats – HP, speed, skill, and morale. Moreover, each Axie belongs to one of the nine classes.

What are AXS Tokens?

AXS, also known as Axie Infinity Shards are ERC-20 tokens that players can earn through the game. But of course, the AXS tokens serve more than one purpose. Users are encouraged to hold these tokens for the long term for decentralizing the platform’s governance. In total, there are 270 million AXS tokens and the supply is capped at that amount.

Players can earn Axie Infinity Shards simply by playing the game or by participating in in-game events or user-generated initiatives. If you actively take part in governance votes, you can get additional rewards. Further, users can stake their AXS and make more AXS.

Axie Infinity: How to Get Ready to Use the Marketplace

To get started, you will need to sign up on MetaMask, Ronin, and need some ETH.


Metamask Axie Infinity Marketplace

© MetaMask

MetaMask is a digital wallet that you use to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Here’s how to get started with MetaMask:

  • For Chrome and Firefox, MetaMask can be downloaded as a browser extension.
  • Sign up on MetaMask as prompted and get your wallet ready.
  • Head over to Axie Infinity marketplace and link your MetaMask.

After the verification process, you can buy Axies.

Ronin Wallet

Ronin wallet is a sidechain of the Ethereum blockchain network that was created by Sky Mavis. To play Axie Infinity, players have to sign up on Ronin. With the sidechain, players can dodge gas fees, faster transactions, and easier onboarding for users.

Here’s how to sign up for Ronin:

  • Head over to Axie Infinity’s official website and click on “Getting started”
  • From here, you will be asked to sign up for Ronin
  • Follow the instructions and complete the process
  • Add Ronin as a browser extension to play Axie Infinity

To enter the game, you need to buy three Axies. Before you buy Axies, know all the basics of Axies from our detailed Axie Infinity guide on getting started in Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity Marketplace Focus

Unlike OpenSea and other NFT marketplaces, Axie Infinity features Axies and other in-game items. This means that the platform is focused entirely on the game. You won’t find any other NFTs here. Axie Infinity players can trade their items and characters via this platform.

Axie Infinity Marketplace Fees

Of course, no marketplace comes without fees and the Axie Infinity marketplace is no exception. Trading in this market will cost you a fee of 4.25%. As a seller, if you make sales of 100 USD, a 4.25% fee is charged. This fee goes to Sky Mavis, the creator of the game. However, from 2021, the fee now goes into the Community Treasury and rewards the AXS token holders.

Buyers do not have to pay this marketplace fee. However, the buyers will have to pay the gas fees that are charged during transactions. Depending on the speed of the transactions, you will have to pay gas fees.

Payment Methods at the Marketplace

If you think you can make a purchase with your debit card or PayPal, you are wrong. You can shop at Axie Infinity marketplace only with ETH. As the market is based on the Ethereum blockchain, it kind of makes sense. This is why players use MetaMask to buy Axies and other items from the Axie Infinity marketplace.