Eyeballers reborn have huge shoes to fill and legacy to uphold

Eyeballers was one of the most iconic teams in gaming during the early 2000s, till it fell out of active use in 2008. Eyeballers are still one of the more recognizable names to 1G players and boomer fans alike. Last week, we’ve learned that JW and flusha have revived the team and are bringing It back to competition.

Eyeballers was a Swedish esports org that has been around for early days of esports. They began in 1998, competing in games like Quake and Counter-Strike. They had some early wins in the game propelling Swedish squads to the top of the gaming world.

Eyeballers return to CS:GO

JW and flusha are a pair of CS:GO players who have become established players in the Swedish scene. Previously, both players were part of Fnatic, although, both moved on from the team last year. Together, JW and flusha won the DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019, Intel Extreme Masters X and XII. That’s alongside a lot of other notable placements.

The duo bought the branding rights to Eyeballers from its last owner, and already partnered with JBL Quantum, Peas of Heaven, and Bitskins. We already know the duo decided to keep the original branding for nostalgia’s sake.

At this time, Eyeballers will be returning to CSGO alone, but if all goes according to plan, we hope Quake and other titles will follow . The org previously competed in multiple games, but their CS team achieved the most success and legendary status. Being a team that was revived by players is a different kind of layout for an org. They have some big shoes to fill with the Eyeballers brand though.

Roster lineup has been confirmed, and consists of: SHiNeE, Svedjehed, Sapec along with JW and flusha.

Big shoes to fill

Eyeballers is an iconic name in competitive Counter-Strike. They are up there with the likes of mTw, NoA, eoLithic, SK-Gaming, NiP, mousesports, ALTERNATE aTTaX and aAa, as one of the founding teams that shaped competitive CS. Legendary players the likes of: Potti, Hyper, Walle, vilden, Bullen, cArn all made their mark with this organization. As such, the name carries a huge legacy and massive shoes to fill.  The organization was also one of the early winners of the “Esports Organization of the Year” award all the way back in 2004.

Even their early frag videos and demos are a huge part of CS:GO history.

As a new organization in the CS:GO space, they will have to do the long grind to qualify for BLAST Premier and S-tier ESL events.

The squad already won Svenska Elitserien Spring 2022 against Young Ninjas, so we know they are at least not B-tier. Their next challenge will be ESEA Season 41: Advanced Division, with a shot at going into ESL Challengers the following season. We can only hope, Señor Vac manages to bring this team back to it’s glory days.

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