Farcana Blockchain gaming event in Dubai – How did it go?

We have previously covered Farcana, the newly announced metaverse experience that is looking to cause an earthquake amongst the crypto gaming community. Residing in Dubai, they have a team of highly skilled devs who are pushing the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 with an immersive, action packed gaming experience.

Whilst news of the title has been doing the rounds online, the Farcana team have recently held the very first gameplay trial in their native Dubai, just last week. This saw gamers from all over the world come to the metropolis to test out the game and to give feedback for future developments.

It seemed like an action packed time, with lots at stake between the gamers. Let’s look deeper into the Farcana event and how it turned out!


Image Credits | Farcana

Farcana Dubai Esports Tournament – The Lowdown

The 10th of November was the first time that Farcana was officially given to the public to test out. 2 teams of 5 gamers from a multitude of countries flew into the city of Dubai to meet with the Farcana team and test out this intriguing new project.

“Team Deathmatch ” game mode was put to the test, as the teams buddied up to compete for the Bitcoin prize in heated rounds. Whilst the game has never been played before, these talented individuals didn’t take long to build up tactics to take out their opponents.

To win, the teams had to race one another to see who could be the first to win 3 matches. The prize was of course the treasured Bitcoin asset, the main feature of Farcanas patented “Play-To-Hash” technology that drives the games sustainability. Winners of the tournament were sent their winnings in a timely manner, as indicated by their official Twitter account that was updating the event as it happened. You can check it out here.

Farcana’s CTO and Dev Team were on hand

Now this is something we love to see, the actual team that is behind the game being present with their loyal fans to witness the action themselves. To me this shows Farcana is being built by passionate individuals.

Their CTO and dev team were able to check out their hard work. They were also on hand to take in suggestions on potential bug fixes for the future of the project, listening to their fanbase’s feedback and comments.

Their CTO and Product Owner, Arbi Tularov, had this to say:

“It is a great finding that the players were eager to enter the game even before everyone from their team arrived at the event venue. Guys were craving to test the game, teamed up quickly, and they were building various strategies and exchanging the in-game hacks and items. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the attendees were interested in helping Farcana in game development and becoming QA game testers”.


Image Credits | Farcana

Can we expect anymore events from the Farcana Team?

With how much of a success their first event was, you can be absolutely sure that there are more upcoming Farcana events in the future. Straight off the back of the Dubai tournament, Farcana and their team have contributed to a few other crypto gaming events.

Over the past few days via their Twitter, they have been showing updates at the Philippine Web3 Festival, where more players have had the chance to test out the game. This was a 3 day festival set at one of the hottest locations for all things web3 as we have seen some great companies and products come out of Asia as of recently.

Farcana have also been linked with the new up and coming, triple A shooter Victory Point. Be on the lookout for future endeavours from them also! As time progresses, Farcana are looking to put on more events like the ones we have covered in this article. Once their game has reached different markets, their events will be bigger and better than the last, with increased prize draws for those lucky enough to compete.

If you are looking to test out Farcana you’re in luck! They will be opening up larger player pools allowing more testers of their game whilst still in its early phase. Farcana’s CMO, Philip Gunwhy had these closing words to say,

“It was great to finally see the public playing the game for the first time. All of the hard work from the development team really is beginning to show as the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It reassured us that the game we are bringing to market is going to excite the public. We have some changes and improvements to make of course and it’s this great feedback that will allow us to fine tune the final product. Soon we will be opening testing phases to much bigger pools of players”

What a great achievement from such a young prospect. We will be sure to update you on more Farcana headlines in the future, in the meantime be sure to check out their social media accounts and to connect with the team via LinkedIn to keep up to date with all the behind the scenes of Farcana!