FaZe Clan and Disney colab shows exactly how to diversify an esports org  

FaZe Clan are one of the biggest orgs in esports with dominant teams across CSGO, CoD, Rainbow Six and Valorant. On top of all these teams though, they’re also expanding rapidly into other areas. This has included recent expansions into more merch which has led to one of their weirdest collaborations yet.

We’ve just seen the announcement for the FaZe Clan Disney crossover. It brings one of the most iconic brands in media into esports for a collection of merch. This is going to be a year-long collaboration with some unique and cool designs.

mickey on the grid

FaZe Clan | Disney

FaZe Clan and Disney collaboration

The FaZe Clan Disney collaboration isn’t going to be the media giant setting up a CSGO team! Or a new series on Disney Plus animating the antics of FaZe players. Instead, this is going to be some unique branded merchandise. It’ll feature designs that crossover the worlds of gaming and esports with Disney’s iconic characters.

The first of these crossover pieces is called Mickey on the Grid. This is a design that renders Mickey Mouse in a wireframe pattern, giving him a bit of a FaZe clan aesthetic. This design will be part of a collection available in the Armory. That’s a pop-up store that FaZe has been utilizing for these limited collections of merch. The collection will be available to buy online from May 30. This design collection is going to include various types of apparel, like t-shirts, hats, and even sweatshirts.

The design itself for Mickey on the Grid comes from two of FaZe’s best designers. It is the work of the FaZe Clan lead designer, James Casper along with the creative director Jay ‘JVY’ Richardson. Mickey on the Grid isn’t going to be the only design from this crossover though. FaZe Clan’s creative designer has hinted that other crossovers are coming from this collaboration in the future. We’ll probably see more Disney characters get this kind of treatment with FaZe style designs further down the line.

FaZe expands horizons

This faze Disney crossover is a bit out of leftfield in terms of what players probably expected from an esports org! However, it’s part of a bigger rollout for the team to launch more FaZe Clan lifestyle apparel. So far, their Armory merchandise has been pretty creative. They’ve already crossed over with Naruto Shippuden for themed merchandise. It’s clear that FaZe Clan is attracting some of the most iconic brands out there with these crossovers.

With esports earnings were revealed recently, we’ve been discussing how esports organizations should explore new ways to turn a profit. FaZe Clan seems to on of their game as of late in this segment. These merchandise crossovers are one part of their expansion, but they’re also working with brands like Ducky to produce high-level gaming gear. The org is planning on going public after a merger, allowing fans the chance to invest in their esports stock. FaZe moving into wider business areas is definitely a plus ahead of a public offering. Collaborations with brands like Disney go a long way to make the esports org more attractive to potential investors. These crossovers offer more than just value to potential investors though! FaZe Clan fans are going to be spoiled for choice for merch this year.

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