FIFA 23 World Cup Mode – Everything you need to know

With the launch of FIFA 23, there was an imminent hope that we would get to see a better World Cup Mode. Since 2014 the game has made sure to keep something special for the fans.

Well in 2022 we are about to see the newest iteration of mode. The hype train has already begun as many fans can’t wait to see what is in store for them to test in-game. While in the past the World Cup mode had felt like a form of a free DLC in-game. The hype for the upcoming world cup is insane and well there are massive hopes that this promo will deliver as well.

FIFA 23 World Cup Mode

Source: EA Games

The 2022 World Cup Mode

In the past iterations of FIFA, fans have been able to play the world cup with the various teams taking part. In FIFA 23 we will get to see the same with there being an exclusive World Cup Mode in the offline section of the game. The new content will consist of both offline and the FUT part of FIFA 23. Diving into the offline area of the game mode we will get to play the World Cup in all its glory.

Players can either choose to play against the AI or even other players after selecting a particular team in-game. Following this, they will have to play in the knockout rounds of the tournament to win the cup. In the offline section, the players want to try some teams who haven’t qualified in real life for the World Cup. They can do so by swapping with extra 15 nations that have been included in the game. In the online mode, players can also play the matches in the actual tournament and try to mimic the score or change the outcome of the game.

Exclusive FUT Content

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players can get access to 6 new types of cards in-game. With there being time-sensitive promos that are going to be held during matchday. While the aspect with most fans can wait for is the FUT Hero Cards that will be available in-game. These are the special cards that have been custom-made with the help of marvel. These players in the past have had the greatest moments in the history of the World Cup.  With the addition of all the national kits updated to the upcoming World Cup.

There will also be exclusive skins that will be available to upgrade one’s stadium in-game. While keeping in mind that these will consist of nation-wise flags and Tifos. Players will also receive temporary cards within their club of players in the World Cup. Using these cards fans can complete objectives released in the game as well as SBCs.

These cards once the World Cup has ended or the event will then be removed from everyone’s club as well. With this players can now test out the players who could be once not obtainable.

FIFA Ultimate Team World Cup

Marvel FIFA 23 Hero Cards

The main aspect of the World Cup mode is the Marvel Hero Cards that will be available in-game. These players will be boosted from their regular Hero card while at the same time getting a hero like a face card made by Marvel. With the likes of Forlan, Lucio, Papin, Okocha and Nakata being available for all to try. This is the first time EA has lined up with another company to launch cards in-game. While players who have pre-ordered will be receiving a pack which will consist of one player from the stacked lineup.

While in the past the World Cup has reminded most of the Arcade experience that previous FIFA iterations that the game had. With the likes of the legends from the past in-game, it will be only a matter of time to see how EA Sports wish to send off the last iteration of FIFA for the upcoming future.

Only a few days left. FIFA 23 World Cup Mode releases on November 9th.