Illaoi Showcased at 2XKO EVO Japan Demo

One of the biggest fighting game events so far this year is EVO Japan 2024. A big showcase for a load of the current fighting games that are dominating esports. However, the tournament will also feature some early looks at upcoming fighters. One of the biggest will be the 2XKO EVO Japan showcase, another look at how things are progressing for the new title.

2XKO, or Project L as it was previously known, is one of the most anticipated upcoming fighting games. It’s the fighting game entry from Riot Games, behind some of the biggest esports. We’ve known about it for quite a while but as we’re finally getting close to open access, fans are learning more and more. The 2XKO EVO Japan demo will demonstrate some of the reasons why this game is so anticipated. However, it’ll also tease something new.

In the build-up to the 2XKO release, we’ve seen quite a few of the characters detailed. This has included some characters that represent traditional fighter archetypes. Although, a new character will be shown off in full soon. This is going to be Illaoi. A fresh character that we’ll get a great look at during EVO Japan 2024. Who are they?

Illaoi 2XKO EVO Japan 2024 demo

Source: @Play2XKO

Illaoi Shown Off in 2XKO EVO Japan Showcase

At EVO Japan, we’ll see fighting game events for tons of the biggest titles. Players are looking forward to SF 6 at EVO Japan, and Tekken 8 at EVO Japan. For 2XKO fans it’ll be the Illaoi showcase that grabs the most attention though. They’re the newest character announced for the game.

Illaoi has already been shown off by 2XKO to promote this new demo. They’ll be playable for those attending the tournament in-person. If you can’t make it though, we’ll likely get plenty of reports from fighting game players who do try them out. 2XKO is still a little ways off, even in an early trial. However, these early peaks are a great way to learn more about what’s coming.

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