Anakin Wins Back to Back Tekken ICFC NA Fall Events

Anakin, one of the front runners for our final round of Tekken 7 esports this year, has just pulled off something pretty impressive in the current season of Intercontinental Fight Clubs. Anakin has won two ICFC NA Fall Events, one after another. A strong run and the player is seemingly looking at doing a third. With this recent back to back win, the North American player has demonstrated he’s one of the strongest in this region.

Anakin Wins Back to Back ICFC NA Fall events

Anakin Wins Back to Back Tekken ICFC NA Fall Events

Anakin is one of the top competitors in Tekken 7 right now, especially off the back of winning two ICFC NA fall Events. Prior to this though, he’s long been one of the best active Tekken players. He’s won DreamHack Dallas events, placed highly at EVO, and even at the Tekken World Tour.

He’s been particularly dominating in the ICFC NA events this season. This is an ongoing North American Tekken season of events. In the Fall Season for the ICFC NA, he’s just taken his second week as winner back to back. This is an event featuring some of the best active Tekken players at the moment. In this week’s results, he once again took 1st place. There were plenty of strong competitors, but Anakin winning two ICFC NA events back to back is a huge achievement.

While we are gearing up for the release of Tekken 8, theirs is a bit longer left with 7. We’ve still got another Tekken World Tour event to get through first. With results like these, Anakin will definitely be a player to watch at the upcoming tournaments for the game. If he can keep this momentum up he’s going to be a front-runner for the TWT. We’ve got more qualifying events for that ongoing circuit coming soon. Dominating these weekly events is definitely a good showing ahead of these events.

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