$100,000 Prize Pool at the Brawlhalla Spring Championship

The Brawlhalla Spring Championship is going to be kicking off very soon, one of the biggest events for this game but also one of the largest prize pools for a fighting game esport around. This is the second big tournament series for the eighth year of competitive Brawlhalla. The game has sustained such impressive prize pools year after year. There’s still a lot to look forward to across the competition though.

The Brawlhalla Spring Championship is a great place to jump into this game’s competitive side. This is what you need to know about the tournament and how it’s going to work.

Brawlhalla Spring Championship

Brawlhalla Spring Championship

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

The Brawlhalla Spring Championship is the next stage of this season’s competitive events. It’s got a huge prize pool for a fighting game with $100,000 in total. There are going to be events for both 1v1 and 2v2 for the EU and US. It’s a top-tier event on the Brawhalla competitive circuit with the top players attending.

The event is taking place from March 24 through April 2, with a long session of gameplay. The huge prize pool is also divided into a few different regions. There’s a tournament for Europe, Australia, SEA, SA, and NA. However, each region also has a separate event for doubles and for singles.

The format for the tournament is the same for both sides of the game. It’s being played in a double-elimination bracket. Losing players get a second chance in the lower bracket, with the winner of each bracket making it to the Grand Finals. The whole event will also be broadcast on the official Twitch channel. The running time for this tournament takes us right up to DreamHack San Francisco, where another huge Brawlhalla tournament is taking place.

The prize pool for the Brawlhalla Spring Championship is huge for this fighting game. It’s $100,00 divided up between the regions and different tournaments. The winners also get qualification into our next big event on the schedule too, the Brawlhalla Spring Royale. Be sure to tune in and see which players are making it to this next international event for Brawlhalla.

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