Cloud9 Add Two More Tekken Players Cuddle_Core and YUYU

Cloud9 is one of a few orgs making bigger steps into the world of fighting games. This week we’ve seen two new Cloud9 Tekken players signed. Cloud9 has had a small presence with Super Smash Bros in the past but these latest signings show the team is getting much more serious about fighting games, specifically going for some players who will be a part of one of the biggest upcoming fighting games. These are the new Tekken players signed by the org and what it means for competitive fighting.

Cloud 9 Tekken Signings

Source: @Cloud9

New Cloud9 Tekken Players Signed

Cloud9 is making a bigger move out to the world of fighting games esports. They’ve signed up both Cuddle_Core and YUYU as part of a new Cloud9 fighting game push. Notably, this makes Cloud9 one of the bigger orgs for fielding women in competitive fighting games.

The first of their new signings is Cuddle_Core. She’s a player who has been a part of competitive Tekken for quite a while. Such as already having a Red Bull sponsorship. She’s had some big results recently too, like finishing first at the ICFC North America Summer 2023 4, just a few weeks ago. Cuddle_Core is a rising star in Tekken. Having her as one of the new Cloud9 Tekken players is going to help the org have a much bigger presence in fighting games.

The second of the new players is YUYU. She’s another player with a long history in the game, having been active for quite a while getting a start with Tekken Tag Tournament 2. She’s similarly been competing in ICFC events recently. As the second part of this new Cloud9 Tekken roster, she might be able to make the jump to the highest level of the game with the release of Tekken 8.

The two new Cloud Tekken signings establish them as a much bigger player in Tekken. It’s a start for the org being a part of more of the major fighting games outside of just Smash. They’re not the first team to make a move into Tekken ahead of the release of 8, Faze has recently added another two players. Cumulatively it shows there’s a lot of hype around competitive fighting right now.

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