One of the Best Active Melee Players is A Still Free Agent

One of the top Melee players in the world is back on the market as a free agent, for the second time in recent months. Cody Schwab hasn’t had the best luck with orgs as of late, but the player has continued pushing through to the top of Super Smash Bros Melee having only just taken wins at Major Upset and The Coinbox. This leaves one of the very best active Melee players once again a free agent.

The sale of Counter Logic Gaming has meant the player is back on the market after only a few months with the org. He’s definitely an attractive candidate for any teams looking to bolster their Smash rosters though.

Cody Schwab Twitch

Source: CodySchwab, Twitch

Counter Logic Gaming Sold – Loses Smash Team

After the downfall of Panda Global in Smash Bros, Counter Logic snapped up some of their top talent including Cody Schwab. However, Counter Logic Gaming has had some problems recently. It culminated in their parent company selling off the team entirely and letting all employees go.

Cody Schwab was definitely a good addition to the team. With other players, he helped achieve a great win rate at the new Melee Coinbox events alongside taking more major wins in this short period. This incredible hot streak in Melee didn’t matter though.

NRG Esports has since acquired Counter Logic Gaming. At the moment, it doesn’t look like NRG is interested in continuing to field a Smash Bros roster. That’s despite purchasing one of the best currently active in Melee with Counter Logic Gaming.

What Next for Cody Schwab?

Cody Schwab is now a free agent as of the CLG purchase. The new owners seemingly are willing to shut down a Melee team roster winning half the year’s events. Cody has been active on Twitter and his streams engaging with his fans about the change. He seems taking things in pretty good humour.

The player has had insane results so far this year and is fast approaching being one of the best Smash Bros players. With recent results, he’s currently ranked 4th and looks sure to improve this ranking this year too.

Players of this calibre are sure to find a new home. Right now any team with just a couple of signings such as Cody Schwab could become of the most successful active Melee orgs.

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