What’s Changed in Fortnite Season X Weapons?

Fortnite OG has reached its conclusion. Before we see the Big Bang event close things out next week, we get to revisit one of the more controversial seasons of Chapter 1, Fortnite Season X. This latest update to Fortnite OG brings in some of the weirder and wackier weapons. What’s changed with the current season?

Fortnite Patch Notes - Season X

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Season X Changes Weapons

The bigger change with the latest Fortnite patch notes is the weapons. The loot pool is different in the latest patch. These are the new items we’ve seen put into the loot pool.

  • Air Strike
  • Drum Shotgun
  • Infantry Rifle
  • Junk Rift
  • Proximity Grenade Launcher

Those are the new weapons. There are a few things worth noting with the Fortnite Season X weapon changes. For a start, there are more of the wacky items thrown in. The Air Strike and Junk Rift drop different things on players literally from the sky, they can be real game changers We’re also getting the Drum Shotgun and Infantry Rifle back if you’re a bit more interested in the gunplay still.

Along with the new weapons, there are consumables and items too. These are the new additions.

  • Chug Splash
  • Jetpack
  • Storm Flip

What’s Vaulted in Fortnite Season X?

That’s the new weapons we can find in the game. What about the items that are back in the vault though? These are the vaulted items.

  • Drum Gun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • Quad Launcher
  • Stink Grenades
  • TNT
  • Balloons
  • Buried Treasure
  • Glider Redeploy
  • Poison Dart Trap
  • Canons

All of these should help to keep the loot pool a bit more balanced this week. It’s a little less competitively focused than the Pump meta we saw at the start of Fortnite OG. To send the returned map off though, it’s great to have a bit more fun in the loot pool.

This was our last major update for Fortnite OG. It’s just a short while longer before we see the end of season event, and a whole new Chapter starts out.

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