Kusanagi Secures Spot at Capcom Cup

Kusanagi has made it to the top level of Street Fighter 6 this week, securing his spot at the end of year Capcom Cup tournament. Thanks to the America West Capcom Pro Tour qualifier, the Mexican player has secured his spot. As one of only a few players to make the highest level so far, he’s definitely marked as a player to watch over the first year of Street Fighter 6.

Kusanagi Secures Spot at Capcom Cuo

This weekend we saw the America West Capcom Pro Tour event take place. The Mexican player Kusanagi won out at the event, in a fairly close Top 8. Kusanagi has been a strong player in the early days of the Street Fighter 6 fighting game esports. He took 2nd place at the early Smash Factor X, only just losing out to SonicFox. By Street Fighter 6 at EVO 2023, he faltered a bit earlier though. He ended up placing 33-48th, not making the top bracket.

After losing out on EVO, Kusangi wasn’t coming into the Capcom Pro Tour Wets qualifier as a favorite. Going into the Top 8 though he definitely turned things around. In the final bracket, Kusanagi came in at the Semifinals, where he easily won with a 3-0 victory over RogerFGC. Then he was up against Todakai in the winners final, where he again breezed through with a 3-0 win. Todaki won in the losers final and got a shot at a rematch though. Unfortunately for him, it went the exact same way with Kusanagi winning 3-0.

This performance at the qualifier was pretty strong from Kasanagi. With his spot secured at the Capcom Cup too, he’s sitting in a decent position for 2023’s tournaments. He’s joining only a handful that have secured their slots so far. Along with Kasanagi, Travis Styles, and AngryBird have all gotten their spots. We’ll see this roster fill up over the coming events though.

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