Lost Kingdom Brawlhalla Esports Series is Launching soon

Brawlhalla is in a very busy period. The game has competitions ongoing like Brawlhalla at DreamHack Fighters, a big Championship being run by the devs, and now yet another huge series has gotten announced! This is going to be the Lost Kingdom Brawlhalla Esports Series.

This is a third-party event, being run by different organizers. Lost Kingdom is a fun addition to the schedule and even more esports action for fans to watch. This is how the tournament is going to work.

Lost Kingdom Brawlhalla Esports Series

The Lost Kingdom Esports series is a new tournament that’s just been announced. It’s being put on by Kingdom and Lost Tribe, a third-party addition to the schedule for Brawlhalla. It’ll be taking place around the Spring Championship, with eight different events running all the way through the year. These will be built around the three Majors that are the center point of Lost Kingdom.

The event is going to be starting off in May. May will see a tournament take place here, with two more in June and July. North America takes over in Aug and September, before a Finale in October for Europe. North America is finishing off with tournaments in both November and December.

Lost Kingdom Brawlhalla Esports


The Lost Kingdom tournament is running all through to the end of the year, so they’ll be plenty of fights to catch.

Prize Pool

Brawlhalla is known for staggering esports prizes at its official fighting game events. As a third-party tournament, there aren’t the same insane prizes here but still a decent offering to motivate players to bring their best to Lost Kingdom Brawlhalla. There’s $6,500 in total at stake here.

The Lost Kingdom Brawlhalla esports series is a fun addition to the line-up that gives us even more to watch outside of the official events. The game is in an insanely busy period right now, but it’s worth tuning in to see how this tournament plays out.

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