MultiVersus Roster Leaks – All Leaked characters coming to MV

New characters are the most exciting part of each MultiVersus season, but how can you tell what’s coming next? There’s a dedicated community of players digging around to find MultiVersus roster leaks and figure out which fighters are getting added next. Previous leaks have been pretty accurate, with MultiVersus news and updates confirming past rumored characters.

Between the original MultiVersus leaks and new things found through data mining, we’ve got a pretty good idea of upcoming challengers. MultiVersus leaked characters point towards a healthy road ahead for the game, with some really creative choices lined up. These are all of the MultiVersus roster leaks so far.

MultiVersus Roster Leaks

Samurai Jack

MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Samurai Jack

This is one of the more reliable MultiVersus leaks found, and he might show up pretty soon. Samurai Jack was the protagonist of the eponymous 2000s show, recently brought back for a new season and conclusion. There has already been some DEV talk about it, so he’s mostly likely already in development.

The Goonies

MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Goonies

The game might have obvious picks like MultiVersus Batman and Bugs Bunny, but they’re also fond of throwing out some wildcards. The Goonies might be one of our next weirder picks. The MultiVersus roster leaks so far don’t specify which of the characters would be showing up. In the files though, there’s evidence that a rep for the iconic 80s film franchise might be joining the roster soon.

The Animaniacs

MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Animaniacs

The Animaniacs are another of Warner Bros’ stable that have come back to relevance in recent years, with a new continuation of the series launching in the last few years. All three Animaniacs could be one character, at least according to MultiVersus roster leaks. They might play like ice Climbers but with the wacky off-the-wall moves you’d expect.


MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is one of Warner Bros most iconic characters, even if his actual screen time in the 90s film was dramatically shorter than you might remember. Michael Keaton’s iconic ghost could be coming to MultiVersus. The character had plenty of wacky powers that would translate well to a MultiVersus fighter.

Daenerys Targaryen

MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Game of thrones

Another Game of Thrones rep is definitely expected soon in MultiVersus. Daenerys is one of the most popular characters from that show so would be a natural fit. They might be the next one in the works, as files related to the character have been found in MultiVersus roster leaks.

Daffy Duck / Duck Dodgers

MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck would be a perfect fit for MultiVersus! It’s kind of strange he didn’t join with Buggs Bunny. The MultiVersus leaks so far point towards him having elements of Duck Dodgers in his move set, a sci-fi persona for Daffy.


MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Emmet

The Lego Movie is one of the bigger non-comic book hits Warner brothers has had recently. Emmet would be a fit great in MultiVersus. He might play similarly to Steve in Smash Bros, taking advantage of building. He’s been in quite a few of the MultiVersus leaks recently.


MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Godzilla

Godzilla is one of the more intriguing MultiVersus Leaked Characters. It’ll be interesting to see how developers deal with the size problem for this character, but if Smash can make Ridley work it’s manageable! This might be more closely modelled on Godzilla from the recent western films, not the more iconic Toho Kaiju movies.


MultiVersus Roster Leaks - The Joker

Multiple dataleaks have found the Joker, he looks like one of the most confirmed characters in all MultiVersus roster leaks. He’s one of the easiest choices. The Joker pops up just about everywhere else Warner Bros can cram him, so this makes a lot of sense. If he’s designed to fit in with the Batman in the game, we might see Mark Hamill’s animated version of the Joker popping up.


MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Scooby Doo

Scooby-Doo might be joining Velma in a future update of MultiVersus. Leaks have pointed towards the dog joining the game. He’ll probably have a unique moveset, moving on all fours and not having any fantastical abilities! There’s a possibility that MultiVersus tries to weaponize his cowardice!

Scorpion and Sub Zero

MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Scorpion

This is a weirder pick, but it seems like some Mortal Kombat characters might be coming into the game. Some voice lines and other data for Scorpion and Sub Zero have been found, so they might be crossing over with MultiVersus. This is one of the MultiVersus roster leaks that’s a bit harder to explain, but a full crossover would definitely be fun.

Ted Lasso

MultiVersus Roster Leaks - Ted Lasso

Ted lasso has been a breakout hit in recent years, its tone isn’t really what you’d jump to for a platform fighter though. MultiVersus roaster leaks have pointed to Ted Lasso being in the works though. He could be a fun addition as an ally character, focused more on helping teammates than damage.

Scrapped MultiVersus Leaked Characters

There are some MV character leaks that were inaccurate or scrapped by the developers. We still post them here for archive purposes, or in case they are re-instated into the roster at a later date.


Gandalf has been seen in photos of the game while earlier in development. He was one of the first MultiVersus roster leaks! Although, it does seem like he’s been scrapped for some reason. We might not see Gandalf make it into the roster, as he was part of the starting roster in the original MultiVersus leaks.

Harry Potter / Ron Weasley

These two MultiVersus Leaked characters were also part of the original game leaks. They’ve disappeared since then though and are also likely scrapped.

Those are all of the top MultiVersus roster leaks! We don’t exactly have a schedule for the next round of MultiVersus characters. These leaks should point us in the right direction for what to expect next though!