MultiVersus Tier List – Best and Worst Characters to play right now

MultiVersus has a huge roster of characters, it’s half the appeal of this free-to-play fighter. As with any of the top fighting games though, not every character is equal. The different kit means there’s a big difference between those at the top and bottom of the MultiVersus tier list.

The best MultiVersus characters each have something in their kit that makes them stronger than the competition. Although, things can change fast. MultiVersus updates are constantly altering characters. If you want to stay on top of the meta, you’ve got to keep an eye on which character is growing and how the patches have impacted things.

Multiversus Characters Tier List -2

This MultiVersus tier list covers where the characters stand in the game right now. This is how each of the roster performs and which are the best right now.

MultiVersus Tier List – S Tier


MultiVersus Tier List - Finn

Finn fits fairly securely at the top of the MultiVersus tier list, and he has done for quite a while, this is a character with a versatile kit that suits a lot of different playstyles. He plays similarly to sword-fighting characters, but can be more complicated once you really break into it though.

If you get the hang of his aerials, it can work well without having to rely on specials. Finn’s special though are where things get a bit more complex. The hitboxes change depending on coins, and he has temporary gear he can purchase.

Bugs Bunny

MultiVersus Tier List - Bugs

Bugs Bunny is definitely the stronger of the Looney Tunes characters in here. He has loads of projectile attacks, zoning tools, and the ability to throw out enough rubbish to just keep enemies irritated and avoid him for most of the fight. In 2-v-2, Bugs can play his irritation game while the other player completely mops up all resistance. On top of that, he’s still got great combo potential.

Harley Quinn

MultiVersus Tier List - Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is definitely one of the top assassins in a MultiVersus tier list right now. The character has had some changes with recent updates, but nothing that will knock her out of the top group.

Harley Quin has kit for ranged attacks with explosives that can follow into combos much smoother than a lot of other characters. Her knockback is some of the best too. Defensive play is trickier with Harley, but if you can remain on the attack, she’s one of the best MultiVersus characters.

A Tier – MultiVersus Tier List

Wonder Woman

MultiVersus Tier List - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has really risen up the rankings since recent patches, especially with changes to her hitboxes. She has great tools both for support and as a tank. The lasso rescuing allies can be invaluable in 2v2, as can her other support abilities. The ability to reflect projectiles can pair well with other high MultiVersus tier list picks.


Arya is another swordfighter but one with unique abilities that put her in the top tier. She can take abilities from opponents, the disorient ability can break armor and move enemies away, along with other healing and slowing abilities. Arya is a character that does well in 2-v-2. Especially when paired with more raw damage dealers, she’s one of the best characters in the MultiVersus tier list.


Shaggy is still one of the best MultiVersus characters in the game, even with recent patch notes. His sandwiches are really useful, along with his more traditional lunches and kicks which weirdly make Scooby Doo’s resident coward feel more like a Street Fighter character. He’s just below the top tier, his main deal is raw damage, not strategy.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry have had some nerfs recently which hit them, but they’re still on the higher end of the game. In 2v2, where Jerry can be thrown, they’re still on the top tier. However, their wacky moveset of accidental attacks can be tricky to learn. Especially their combos and getting your head around the asymmetrical hitboxes. If you put the time in though, they’re a great pick.


Batman’s MultiVersus kit is pretty versatile. His Batarang-focused moves are more balanced than they were in the past, but still incredibly useful. Batman excels at up-close combat, and he has plenty of ways of closing the gap too. With his melee attacks he’s hard to beat in a one-on-one fight provided you stay stuck on your opponent.

B Tier – MultiVersus Tier List

MultiVersus Tier List - Rick

  • Morty has settled towards the middle of the MultiVersus tier list, but he’s seen decent improvements form hitbox changes. He has a lot of different ways to deal decent damage and some good combos. He does require more set-up though. You’ll need to learn some specific moves to set everything up.
  • Rick is a character on the MultiVersus tier list character of extremes. He has great recovery and some moves that allow for tactics that can be very effective. However, he’s got some weaker elements too. His portals and Meeseeks take a lot of thought and practice, you need a lot of work to master them. His combos are strong, but the setups can be too circumstantial.
  • Stripe is fairly well outclassed by his competition high in the tier list. Long animations are a problem for him. He can get knockouts at lower percentages, but he’s fairly well balanced to reduce the strength of this.
  • Black Adam, one of the newer MultiVersus characters, could change position as he’s balanced out. At the moment though, it seems like Black Adam is outclassed in his group. The Brawler section has some of the top MultiVersus characters. Black Adam has some big flaws, but he might be worth mastering especially as he gets more updates.
  • Taz was the OP character in early gameplay and even strong at EVO 2022. However, he’s gotten fixed since then. The character isn’t the absolute powerhouse he used to be, but he can still have his uses. His side-special can now be used as edge guarding, and he has the useful ability to turn people into chickens. He’s not the Op character he once was, but Taz is still firmly in the middle of the MultiVersus tier list.
  • Velma is a bit of a love her or hate her character right now. Some players can get more out of her kit especially moves like calling in the mystery Machine and assisting teammates. However, she does have some real weak points, with most close fighters being too good a counter to Velma. She isn’t one of the best MultiVersus characters, especially outside of 2-v-2.

C Tier – MultiVersus Tier List

MultiVersus Tier List - Garnet

  • Superman – Superman has some great features like his regular attacks giving armour, his recovery, and specials. As a tank though, he just isn’t really versatile enough.
  • Gizmo – This character is useful as a supporting fighter, but really lacks enough options for getting at enemies himself. He struggles in the MultiVersus tier list.
  • Iron Giant – Iron Giant can be difficult to play with his large size, he’s a walking target. Some players can do good things with him, but he’s largely got more drawbacks than pluses.
  • Jake the Dog – Jake has had some bad changes recently which have really pushed him down. His armor breaking is useful, but his kit is too fiddly to really get through.
  • Garnet – Garnet is too slow and really lacks versatility, she has poor recovery and can be easily countered.
  • Marvin – Marvin could get boosted in future patches, but his mainly projectile kit just isn’t strong enough to put him any higher in the MultiVersus tier list.
  • Steven Universe – Steven has good tools for releasing status effects but is too circumstantial to get much done outside of that.
  • Reindog – MultiVersus’ only original character is a decent support. However, they’re useless in 1-v-1 and kind of a wasted slot in 2-v-2, unless you’re in very specific matchups.
  • LeBron – Lebron has some fun kit with varied attacks and a basketball, recent changes haven’t been too kind on him though.

That’s roughly where everyone sits in the MultiVersus tier list right now. Things can change fast though. If your main is struggling a bit right now, they might bounce back in the future. So keep an eye out for fighting game news, this game gets patched all the time and there’s no guarantee the best MultiVersus characters will stay where they are in the tier list.

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