New Character Trailers for NASB 2 Revealed

Nickelodeon All Star Brawl 2 is a surprise sequel that’s now well on its way. We’ve already got a few hints about the new content in the All-Star Brawl 2 reveal, but some recent releases have shown off a lot more of the new content we can expect from the game. New NASB 2 character trailers have shown off quite a bit more about some of the newer characters hitting the title along with a rework for an existing fighter.

The original drops for the game so far have demonstrated improvements made. There have been mechanic changes and other improvements to the title from the first game in the series. These new trailers are actually demonstrating some of the new content though, and some big re-works for existing characters.

NASB 2 Character Trailers

Source: Ludosity

New NASB 2 Character Trailers

The new NASB 2 character trailers have shown off changes to existing characters and new ones. There’s Spongebob, who has had significant changes. This should help to make the character a bit more viable when the series returns. On top of that, we’ve got two more trailers showing off just how Squidward and Jimmy Neutron are going to work. As two of the new characters joining the roster this season, these are a great way to get a look at how the newer content will actually play.

NASB 2 is due to release in late 2023, although the exact release date isn’t publicly announced yet. There are quite a few major releases in that window, like the GBFV Rising release date. The content so far in the NASB 2 character trailers is definitely looking promising though. This might be a title that can really compete with the other big fighting games this year.

Raphael NASB Character 2 Character Trailer Shown Off

Another of the new characters shown off in NASB 2 character trailers has been revealed as Raphael. He’s another of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that have been repeatedly adapted for new generations, with enduring popularity. The character is one of the four titular Ninja Turtles who have shown up in NASB gameplay in the past. This time around there’s going to be more of them showing up though.

NASB 2 character trailers - Raephal

Source: Ludosity and Fair Play

Raphael will be a new character in the new NASB game. He’s joining Michelangelo and Leonardo as making it into the full roster. While these characters have shown up as Brawlhalla Legends in the past, there they were simple alternative skins. Here they’re each getting unique movesets with different abilities matching their fighting style. A new NASB 2 character trailers has shown off how he’ll play differently to other turtles.

Rapheal is going to be a speedy character. From the looks of it, his moveset is based on speed. His attacks hit faster and he’s moving around the stage quickly. He also appears to be on the far lighter side of characters. This floatier and looser gameplay is definitely going to be interesting for the new games roster.

The first Nick All-Star Brawl got off to a good start but began to struggle after release. It simply couldn’t deliver on a lot of the early promise. Things do look brighter for this sequel though. Hopefully, the game can follow up in a way that the first title didn’t and achieve a more lasting success.

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