Shine Smash Bros Tournaments are Shutting Down After 7 Years

Shine has been a long-standing tournament organizer for Super Smash Bros. Since 2016, they’ve been putting on events for every Smash game from 64 through to Ultimate. The organizer has run into significant financial problems in recent years though, and it now looks like the Shine Smash Bros tournament will be ending after seven years.

Shine Smash Bros Tournaments Shutting Down

Shine Smash Tournaments Shutting Down

Source: @Shine_Series

The tournament organizer has taken to their Twitter account to explain that they’re stopping their events. In more recent months, Shine has run into problems with funding. They owe debt to tournament organizers and staff, and so have decided it’s the time to move on and stop running tournaments as Shine.

With costs mounting, Shine Smash Bros tournaments will be stopping after 2023. This isn’t the first recent cancellation for Smash Bros events. Quite recently we saw Beyond the Summit shut down its tournaments. Last year there was an entire mess over the World Tour Cancellation. VGBootCamp has also had problems in running their other Majors like Glitch and Double Down.

The Shine Smash Bros tournament will still be running this year though. Shine will be running a merch drive to dry and fund their year’s tournament, with full transparency for the costs and spending on the event

What’s Next with Smash Bros?

While there has been a fair number of tournament organizers shut things down in recent months, it isn’t all doom and gloom for Smash. Players left as free agents like MKLeo have been snapped up quickly by other teams. While some tournament organizers are dropping away, others like Hungrybox’s Coinbox are actively expanding.

The end of Shine Smash Bros tournaments is another event leaving the calendar in 2023. There are increasing financial pressures there are problems all across competitive fighting games right now. Developer-supported tournaments have fared a bit better, like the upcoming Capcom Cup or Brawlhalla’s continually impressive events. However, the expansion of some events shows that the community-driven approach for Smash Bros is still viable in some forms. There might just need to be an adjustment to how the traditional tournament structure works for Smash to keep things moving forward.

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