The Final Smash Ultimate Summit Sees BTS Off with a Stacked Roster

The final Smash Summit is now fast approaching. It’s a bittersweet event in a lot of ways. Fans have a huge event to look forward to where pros will definitely be bringing their best. As the final Smash Summit event though, it’s going to be an end of an era for some parts of fighting games. With Beyond the Summit’s massive layoffs meaning no more tournaments, Smash Ultimate Summit 6 will be a fitting finale. This is what you can expect at this event.

Smash Ultimate Summit 6

Smash Ultimate Summit 6 is going to be the final event in the landmark Beyond the Summit series. Capping off all these tournaments, they’re bringing an all-star roster of competitors in to compete in Ultimate Summit 6. Even with the financial problems BTS is facing, with sponsors Coinbase and RedBull they’re able to put up an impressive $67,222 prize pool.

The event is going to be an invitational, so there’s no need for a wider pools round. It’s starting straight off from the bracket. With such a stacked roster though every round is going to be entertaining.

Players have been pulled into Summit 6 from loads of recent events. A good batch qualified in Mainstage 2022, along with one from Genesis 9, and Collision 2023 respectively. Alongside them, there are four crowdfunded players making the roster and an extra four separately invited players.

Smash Ultimate Summit 6

Source: Twitter @BTSsmash | Beyond the Summit

This is the full roster of players at Smash Ultimate Summit 6.

  • MKLeo
  • Glutonny
  • Acola
  • ProtoBanham
  • Hungrybox
  • Aaron
  • NaetorU
  • VoiD
  • MuteAce
  • Riddles
  • Sparg0
  • Tweek
  • Big D
  • Light
  • ApolloKage
  • Kurama

That’s everything that’s making up the players at Smash Ultimate. It’s 16 of the very best players in Smash Bros here! It is worth noting that the campaign to get SkyJay invited after he made a Major final with Incineroar didn’t quite pan out. There’s still loads of high-level talent here though.

How to Watch

As the final Beyond the Summit event this tournament is likely to pull in a bigger and more active chat than most other tournaments, as you’ll see in fighting game news. It’s going to be one to tune into live and be a part of the whole experience. You can catch the tournament live on the Beyond the Summit Twitch and YouTube channels, for one last celebration.