Why is Brawlhalla so Laggy? How to Improve Performance in Fighter

Brawlhalla is one of the biggest fighters, with an enormous number of active players. Being available across all devices though, some Brawlhalla players are going to run into problems. Things like a buggy connection can be really frustrating, especially in a fighting game. You might find yourself wondering why is Brawlhalla so laggy?

Brawlhalla is primarily played through online matches. The game is available on all consoles, PC, and even Mobile! This can mean you’re playing against a huge potential player base. The answer to how many people play Brawlhalla is over 100 million. It makes sense that some lag and problems will work their way in with a game this large, even if it is well-optimized. Why is Brawlhalla so laggy though? These are some common problems with the game. Fixing them can get your connection working perfectly again.

Why is Brawlhalla so laggy

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

Why is Brawlhalla So Laggy?

There are quite a few reasons you might run into lag in Brawlhalla and not all of them are your fault! In Brawlhalla, there are a few factors which can affect how the game runs. The first, is how you’re running it and your connection. The most likely source of lag is your connection to the game server.

The biggest reason for Brawlhalla to be laggy is your connection. Is your internet connection shackey? If so, that’s probably the reason why is Brawlhalla so laggy. If you’re not using a wired connection, it makes sense to switch to one. You should also try and cut down on all of the things using your wi-fi that could be clogging your connection up. Try and ensure your device is devoting enough resources to Brawlhalla too. That means closing RAM heavy programs you’re not using.

Once your wi-fi is stabilized, you should run a quick check on your speeds. If you’re getting a good result on a speed checker, the game should manage to stabilize. However, if your connection is running smoothly and the game is still laggy, there’s a bit more you can do.

Managing Crossplay and Other Options to Cut Down on Lag

The primary reason for Brawlhalla to be laggy is your connection, but the fault could be with your opponent. What can you do here? Obviously, we’d all prefer to be playing only against opponents with great connections. That isn’t always possible though. There are some ways you can mitigate this though.

One is to turn off Brawlhalla crossplay. This is a great feature for when you want to play with friends or get matches quicker. However, it isn’t perfect for having a stable connection. If you’re playing on a PC with an ethernet cable you’re opening yourself up to someone on a Switch far from their wi-fi, or even a player on a mobile using roaming data! These can all make Brawlhalla laggy in your match.

How to Add friends on Brawlhalla

Source: Blue Mammoth Games

Turning off crossplay could improve the connection of your opponents, especially if you’re playing with a great connection yourself. Another way is to stick to Brawlhalla Ranked mode. This competitive game mode is more focused on the serious side of the game. This means players are more likely to be taking care of their connection.

Making these small changes can help improve your in-game experience. If you’re wondering why is Brawlhalla so laggy, your first concern is your own connection. Then you can look into how you can make sure you’re matching against opponents with great connections too.

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