Brawlhalla Ranks Guide – Ranking System in Brawlhalla Explained

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game that had been developed by Blue Mammoth Studios and published by Ubisoft. Released in 2017, the game had been well received by players. This had led to a highly active community forming with Brawlhalla ranking being pivotal to most. Despite Super Smash Bros being the most known title within the genre, this game still performs soundly when compared. Its gameplay mechanics and fun pop style has led to its consistent popularity.

Additionally, with a thriving competitive and social scene, the game provides entertainment for many players. However, a major aspect in both scenes is the ranking system. For this reason, we have compiled a full breakdown of the system. This will allow you to see how it works, what all the Brawlhalla ranks are, and what strategies work best for levelling up. Furthermore, for those seeking the games professional side, there is information on upcoming esports tournaments.


Brawlhalla Ranking System

Understanding the rankings in Brawlhalla will support you in playing the game efficiently. It will also allow you to see what can positively and negatively affect your rank. Ranked is a competitive mode that is played exclusively in 1v1 and 2v2 matchups. With the format being a 3-stock, matches are short but fierce. The method used for ranking is ELO, which calculates wins, losses, and performances in-game.

  • If you win consecutive games at a lower level, you will have a substantial increase in points.
  • If you lose, points will be taken away.

At the start of Season 24 each player starts with an ELO of 1200 (Silver 2). However, individual legends have an ELO of 750 (Tin 1). Winning a match will level up your personal ELO, plus the selected legends ELO. If you lose, points will be deducted. It can be a ruthless system, but it works fairly for players performing well against others.

  • If a player wins against a higher-ranked opponent, they will receive more points.
  • That higher ranked player will then lose more ELO, due to them being in a higher position.

It is advisable to play socially or with friends first, so that you can practice with different legends. This should enable you to feel more confident when playing.

What are the Brawlhalla Ranks

Now that you know what the Brawlhalla ranking system is, it is time to see what different ranks are available in-game. As previously mentioned, Silver 2 and 1200 ELO is what every player starts the season with. From there, your performances will determine whether you go up or down.

Brawlhalla Ranking List:

Tin 0200-719
Tin 1720-757
Tin 2758-795
Tin 3796-833
Tin 4834-872
Tin 5873-909
Bronze 1910-953
Bronze 2954-997
Bronze 3998-1041
Bronze 41042-1085
Bronze 51086-1129
Silver 11130-1181
Silver 21182-1233
Silver 31234-1285
Silver 41286-1337
Silver 51338-1389
Gold 11390-1447
Gold 21448-1505
Gold 31506-1563
Gold 41564-1621
Gold 51622-1679
Platinum 11680-1743
Platinum 21744-1807
Platinum 31808-1871
Platinum 41872-1935
Platinum 51936-1999

Ranking up in Brawlhalla

Although the ranking system may seem daunting, there are many tips and tricks you can utilise. These will help you rise through the ranks and support a push for Diamond. Firstly, pick a character and weapon that suits you. Learn the positive and negative aspects, as this will allow you to strengthen up your base skill. Next, we would recommend you play against friends and in social matches. You can sharpen up mechanics to prepare you for the grind.

Also, learn different combinations. This will enable you to chain damage frequently, which leads to eliminations coming more consistently. Additionally, try to become familiar with 2-3 other characters, as this will provide you with a larger arsenal of weapons. It can be a common occurrence to play the same opponent in ranked multiple times. Due to this reason, having a variety of characters can throw something different at the enemy.

Brawlhalla Esports Year Seven

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Brawlhalla Esports and Competitive Scene

Brawlhalla has a strong competitive scene throughout three international divisions. It had been announced in January 2022, Brawlhalla would produce the largest seasonal prize pool in fighting games.

The World Championships on its own will have a staggering $500,000 prize pool. Combined with other yearly tournaments, the total is over $1.3 million. In regular season 2022 there are three divisions for 1v1 and 2v2 play. Divisions one includes NA and EU, two includes SA, and division three includes AUS/SEA teams. This ensures players across the world can compete in a professional circuit.

After a highly successful 2021 on the professional circuit, 2022 will improve the circuit even further. The next stop for Brawlhalla esports tournament fans and players will be Atlanta, Georgia, for the MidSeason Championship. This will bring 32 top singles players, and the best double teams to compete in two tournaments.

Each tournament has a prize of $70,000. With the stakes being high, highlight moments are sure to occur. Regular updates on the games prize pools, tournaments, community events and more can be found on Brawlhalla media channels.