Brawlhalla Ranks Guide – Ranking System in Brawlhalla Explained

Since its release in 2014, Brawlhalla has seen a huge response from players becoming one of the most popular fighters. There is a highly active community dedicated to Brawlhalla ranking, trying to climb up and become the very best.

Over its lengthy life, the game has become pretty sophisticated. There’s a major difference between how people play casually and in Brawlhalla tournaments. The first step to playing more competitively is jumping into the Brawlhalla Ranked mode. Seeing where you rank compared to the rest of the player base.

What are all the Brawlhalla ranks are? We have a full guide to how the entire new system works, what strategies work best for leveling up, and what you can gain.


Brawlhalla Ranking System

To progress through the ranks and reach the highest level, you’ll need to understand how they work. What can positively and negatively affect your placement and how it goes up or down.

To start, Ranked is a competitive mode that is played exclusively in 1v1 and 2v2 matchups. The format is pretty normal for platform fighters. Each player gets 3-stock, matches can be short but fierce. The method used for ranking is ELO, which calculates wins, losses, and performances in-game. It’s essentially the score you get depending on how you perform.

  • If you win consecutive games at a lower level, you will have a substantial increase in points.
  • If you lose, points will be taken away.

At the start of any season of Brawlhalla, each player gets ELO of 1200 (Silver 2). That’s the baseline. From there, your performance will move you up or down. However, individual legends have an ELO of 750 (Tin 1).

Winning a match will increase your personal ELO, and the selected legends’ ELO. If you lose, points will be deducted. It can be a ruthless system, but it works fairly for measuring a game with so many varied Brawlhalla Legends and play styles.

  • If a player wins against a higher-ranked opponent, they will receive more points.
  • That higher-ranked player will then lose more ELO, due to them being in a higher position.

Before jumping into Ranked, it’s best to play socially or with friends first. Since your ELO can go down from the baseline, you could lose a lot as you practice with different legends. This should enable you to feel more confident when playing.

What are the Brawlhalla Ranks?

Now that you know what the Brawlhalla ranking system is, it is time to see what different ranks are available in-game. As previously mentioned, Silver 2 and 1200 ELO is what every player starts the season with. From there, your performance will determine whether you go up or down.

Brawlhalla Ranking List:

Tin 0200-719
Tin 1720-757
Tin 2758-795
Tin 3796-833
Tin 4834-872
Tin 5873-909
Bronze 1910-953
Bronze 2954-997
Bronze 3998-1041
Bronze 41042-1085
Bronze 51086-1129
Silver 11130-1181
Silver 21182-1233
Silver 31234-1285
Silver 41286-1337
Silver 51338-1389
Gold 11390-1447
Gold 21448-1505
Gold 31506-1563
Gold 41564-1621
Gold 51622-1679
Platinum 11680-1743
Platinum 21744-1807
Platinum 31808-1871
Platinum 41872-1935
Platinum 51936-1999

Ranking up in Brawlhalla

Although the ranking system may seem daunting, there are many tips and tricks you can utilize. These will help you rise through the ranks and push for Diamond.

Firstly, pick a character and weapon that suits you. Getting your main sorted is a key way to get better at fighting games. Learn the character’s strengths and weaknesses. Start to learn combos, and how to match up against other characters. Next, we would recommend you play against friends and in social matches. You can sharpen up mechanics to prepare you for the grind.

Learning different characters and combinations will help too. The more match-ups you’re confident in, the easier time you’ll have with any opponent you face.

Once you really start to get into the details of characters, you’ll learn combos for different Legends. This will enable you to chain damage frequently, which leads to eliminations coming more consistently. As well as avoiding getting locked into enemy Legend’s combos.

Brawlhalla Esports Year Seven

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Brawlhalla Esports and Competitive Scene

Brawlhalla has a strong competitive scene throughout three international divisions. While Street Fighter 6 has recently taken records, Brawlhalla has long held the record for the largest seasonal prize pool in fighting games.

The World Championships on its own will have a staggering $1 million prize pool. There are divisions in tournaments throughout the year for both 1v1 and 2v2 play. Tournaments also run internationally, with regional and international events. This ensures players across the world can compete in a professional Brawlhalla esports circuit.

Your first step to getting involved with the Brawlhalla esports scene might be the Ranked mode. The online for Brawlhalla is used at the entry-level of these tournaments. Grinding up in ranked is your first step to competing on an esports level in Brawlhalla.