First PUBG New State NA tournament announced

The first PUBG New State Mobile NA tournament has just been announced, with a huge prize pool on offer to encourage participation. New State has been kicking around for a few months now after PUBG went through some changes under Krafton. While PUBG’s competitive scene has grown in that time, the first mobile event is just about to launch in North America.

It’s fashioned, New State Mobile Mashup, and here’s everything you need to know:

PUBG New State Mashup

First New State NA Tournament

The tournament is going to be kicking off on March 10th. It will run for four weeks, culminating in a final that lasts from April 1st – 3rd. The event is going to feature a mix of open competition and influencer or content creator events. This approach lets the event be open while drawing on the active community for the game that has popped up since November.

The influencer events are partnered up with three content creators in the game, Wynnsanity, ChocoTaco, and NoahfromYouTube. These three tournaments will each feature a $5,000 prize pool with the winners moving through to the finals.

The other way to reach the final will be to head through the Open Qualifiers. These events will have a prize pool of $10,000. The top three teams will move from these open qualifiers through to the Grand Finals.

In terms of scoring, it is pretty simple and uniform all the way through the tournament. Placement will award points, with 10 going for the winner, and less for lower placement down to 1 point going to 7th. Each elimination will also mean one more point.

Grand Finals

The final stage of the first New State NA Tournament is going to be the Grand Finals. These will feature the 16 teams that qualified. In this stage of the tournament, there’s a full $200,000 prize pool along with an extra bonus for the MVP. Four wildcard teams will be in competition here too, but the full details on who this will be won’t be announced until closer to the event.

First New State NA Tournament Schedule

The first New State NA tournament is going to be taking place over around a month, but there are loads of dates where games are taking place. This is the full schedule for the tournament:

Week 1

  • Wynnsanity Tournament – March 10th
  • 1st Open Qualifier – March 11 – 13th

Week 2

  • chocoTaco Tournament – March 17th
  • 2nd Open Qualifier – March 18 – 20th

Week 3

  • NoahfromYouTube Tournament – March 24th
  • 3rd Open Qualifier – March 25 – 27th

Week 4

  • Grand Finals – April 1-3rd

New State Esports

New State first launched in 2021 as a follow-up to PUBG and a new start for its mobile side. The game has similar gameplay, but it has advanced in a few areas. The first New State NA Tournament marks the next stage of development for the title. While still young, it definitely looks primed to start its mobile esports.

This first tournament features a decent prize pool and a nice split between open competition and tournaments encouraging the game’s existing community. It looks like the game is off to a good start for esports in 2022. We’ve been really waiting for this game to fully launch, and this event can finally show us how New State esports might look like.

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