Fnatic and Rogue enter Week of Hell – LEC Week 3 Predictions

After two weeks of gameplay, the LEC teams are finally settling in. The LEC Week 3 will feature an insane amount of hype matches, from the first-place match between Rogue and Fnatic, to the G2-FNC legendary match!

We will be covering the first two series, so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

G2 Wunder


Who is the number 1 in EU? – LEC Week 3 Hot Matches

Rogue and Fnatic are currently both first in the standings, with a 5-0 record. We did expect Fnatic to perform well at the start of the split, but we were very surprised to see Rogue succeeding so quickly. Their series is crucial to finally establish the current power rankings in the LEC. After the Rogue vs Fnatic series, the team will have to face another of his big rivals in the following day: G2 Esports. They might not be the top sole dogs of the league, but their series is always guaranteed to be a banger.

Rogue vs Fnatic

Not only the team is winning but they’re doing it by playing very cleanly. In the typical Rogue style, the identity of the team hasn’t changed much despite the departure of Inspired and Hans Sama. Malrang is actually adapting really well, playing for his teammates with low-econ champions, while Comp is having his way on every single match. He gets most of the resources and proceeds to single-handedly carry his team to victory.

On the other hand, Fnatic put together one of the most explosive rosters in the League. When you put together very strong talents, you expect them to be even stronger than last year. Out of the five members, Wunder is the one to impress the most: his versatility and understanding of how he should play the game are reminiscent of his prime form. We’ll see whether he actually becomes the best top laner in the League.

With that being said, I think that the series will be a very close one. I’m slightly more inclined on Fnatic this time, who have the stronger member in almost every role. It will come down to draft, but I think Fnatic has more tools and ways to win this game. While I think Odoamne is good, we haven’t seen him play the very best top laners in the meta (Gwen and Gangplank).

Make sure to look at the draft before making your bets. The general idea is that whoever drafts the stronger bot side will likely have control over the dragon. The Rift Herald, instead, will be decided by the supports: who can roam more and better will help the team capture “Shelly”. (Rakan will be highly contested)

Below you can find the rest of the LoL odds:

  • Winner: Fnatic (1.61x)
  • 1st Dragon: Fnatic (1.78x)
  • 1st Herald: Rogue (1.99x)
  • First Blood: Rogue (2.00x)
  • First Tower: Rogue (2.08x)
  • Race to 10 kills: Fnatic (1.76x)
  • Total kills: under 28.5 (1.79x)

G2 Esports vs Fnatic

I’m very curious to see if G2 can find an opening to what looks like one of the most solid teams in the LEC. If we’re looking at the teams individually, I think that Fnatic prevails in almost every lane, aside from BrokenBlade and maybe Caps. I’m convinced that BrokenBlade will give Wunder a hard time, but considering how the Turkish top has been the carry and main damage dealer for the team, I doubt he can get big leads against a player like Wunder.

What I’m worried about the most is the bot lane. I’m pretty sure Fnatic will want to play around Upset and punish G2’s botlane. Flakked, in particular, doesn’t have very good individual stats, with mid-tier metrics across the board: he will struggle against the best bot lane in the LEC.

With that being said, I really think that G2’s only win condition is their top lane. He has played 5 different champions and has excelled in almost every single one of them. I do think that BrokenBlade had some bad luck on S04 last year, but this year he has the chance to redeem the title of the best top laner in the LEC. If G2 wants to have a chance, they need to make sure BrokenBlade has a good matchup.

And if that’s not possible (since G2 is blue side and Fnatic will have a counter pick available), then Caps and Jankos will have to play around him even more.

  • Winner: Fnatic (1.54x)
  • First Blood: G2 (1.99x)
  • First Dragon: Fnatic (1.72x)
  • 1st Tower: Fnatic (1.65x)
  • Total kills: over 25.5 (1.82x)
  • Total towers: Over 12.5 (2.25x)

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