Fnatic heading into a key weekend to determine LEC Playoffs fate

LEC action continues with the Week 6 duels, and Fnatic are starting to be in a pinch. They are currently 5-6 and there might be a chance they miss out on Playoffs.

What are the issues and will this be the make-or-break week for FNC? – We discuss it all in our weekly breakdown.


Can Fnatic bounce back in LEC Week 6?

After four consecutive defeats, FNC are starting to lose out in the race to Playoffs. Another 0-2 week may put them close to being out of Playoffs entirely, especially cause late split wins in the LEC are worth way more then early split defeats.

MAD Lions vs Fnatic

Fnatic will face first place MAD Lions in their first match of week 6. We have seen MAD rising up the ranks throughout the last few weeks, and they have looked extremely strong so far. With their LPL-playstyle, they seem to have found edges over the enemies. Nisqy’s return to the LEC made a huge turnaround for the Lions, as his early game presence fixed a lot of the issues the team had in spring.

Now, they are excellent with their drafts and have both Armut and Unforgiven acting as the two primary carries. Their meta read is well done and the team can play multiple different drafts depending on the opponent. Coming into this series, Fnatic are definitely the underdogs.

Speaking of them, the team still struggles to find something going on for them. Despite them falling back to more protect the carry comps, Fnatic is failing to make it work. There are two main reasons: one being that Humanoid is not fully adapting to the meta, as he still hasn’t touched Taliyah for example. The other one being Razork, definitely the weak link of the roster. He struggles to find his footing and overall is lacking compared to his MSF days. I think that it’s not all his fault, though. and the coaching staff must find a way to make their early game work better, without having to hope Upset can carry late game fights.

With this being said, you can find the best odds for this series below, offered by Midnite:

  • Winner: MAD (1.60x)
  • Race to 10 kills: MAD (1.63x)
  • Team with most kills (Handicap): Fnatic +5.5 (1.79x)
  • Total kills: under 24.5 (1.91x)
  • First Blood: MAD (1.78x)
  • Total dragons slain: over 4.5 (1.86x)

BDS vs Fnatic

After the MAD Lions match, Fnatic should have an easier time playing against Team BDS. The last place team has only won one series and is struggling even more than other teams in the early game. They are individually lacking compared to other LEC players, which puts them at a disadvantage from the get-go.

BDS also has the problem of always messing up fights and skirmishes, which really doesn’t help them. With that being said, the last time the two teams faced each other, the match lasted more than 54 minutes. I’m expecting both teams to shift towards scaling comps again, with the hope that the teamfighting will be enough to close out the game once item spikes are reached.

Overall, the week doesn’t really seem too good for FNC, as they might end with just a 1-1 record. With many other teams in the playoffs run, the team will have to find a breakthrough somewhere. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening in Week 6.

If you want to make some good cash on the series, you can wait for the odds to be available, and hit up the following esports betting markets:

  • Total kills: over 22.5
  • First Blood: Team BDS
  • Total dragon slain: over 4.5