FNC and FPX fighting for Europe’s spot in VCT Copenhagen Playoffs

It’s been one week of intense VCT Copenhagen gameplay for every fan to watch right now. While the tournament has reached the point of the semi-finals, the hype isn’t over. From major upsets to miraculous comebacks we have seen it all this tournament.

The next game which everyone can’t wait to watch is between FNC and FPX. Both Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix have been immense in their tournament run until now. It can be said, that the winner for this lower bracket match is as unpredictable as it can be.

FPX VCT Copenhagen 2022 Playoffs

It’s the second time we see Fnatic face off against their fellow European team in FunPlus Phoenix in this tournament. Due to their first match ending in such dominating fashion many had felt that FPX would be out sooner than later. FPX on the other hand took the loss on their chin and started playing each game like no other. With their unique strategies and combinations of characters, they found much success in this tournament. They haven’t looked back ever since. Defeating teams like Guild Esports and DRX with ease while prepping themselves at this spot.

It does feel like faith wanted the two EU giants to face off against each other.

FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic’s performance thus far

While Fnatic directly qualified for Playoffs stage, FunPlus Phoenix had to take the longer route and start at the group stages of the tournaments. They weren’t the ones who many expected would be able to qualify for the playoffs as well while having quite an impressive win-loss record.

Their first game was against Xerxia Esports. While the game started with a bang, it ended 2-1 with FunPlus Phoenix winning the last round. Following that there was an exciting battle between FPX & DRX. Which DRX won in not as much of an easier manner and FPX losing 2-1. Their last game in the group stages was against Northeption. FPX dominated the game with ease winning it and qualifying for the playoffs.

Their first Playoffs game was against Fnatic. FPX lost the game 2-0 in quite an easy manner. The score ended at 13-10 and 13-4 on Icebox and Haven respectively. As stated above following that they went on to defeat Guild Esports and DRX with ease.

Fnatic, after their dominating victory over FunPlus Phoenix, went on to face Paper Rex. While the game between the two teams was one to watch for any passionate Valorant fan. Within this game, we got to the best of both teams, yet Fnatic lost 2-0 to Paper Rex.

This game also signified how immense a character like Yoru can be on certain maps if used properly. It’s quite the match due to the simple strategies and counter strategies used by either team to clutch a round or win.

What to expect from the FNC vs FPX rematch?

While looking at the past matches between FNC and FPX, we see quite the dominance by Fnatic. In the past 7 times, they faced each other Fnatic has won 5  of the matches between the two teams. This could be a strong reason why Fnatic are the favourites to win this game as well. Being the top team from Europe it does make more sense.

Fnatic following their loss to Paper Rex had quite the match with Leviatan. Within that game, there were clear moments when it felt like Fnatic had lost the game. If so had been done they would have been knocked out of the tournament. But they came back and won the final map in Overtime.

While this game could have the same story as in the past, there is a high chance things will turn out different. Within this tournament, if there is one team who has been able to pull themselves very well after a loss it is FunPlus Phoenix. In my opinion, I firmly believe that this game will be going to the third map. This is crucially possible if FPX gets the win in the first map. If not then it will be a clean sweep by Fnatic. There is a lot lying in the map ban and the first map selection for the game. This is simply because either team will want the first map pick to apply the pressure.

If we all are lucky we could see Boaster again twerk in his post-match interview after qualifying for the lower final with Fnatic. But this will only be possible if the team as a whole will work. While saying that if Fnatic doesn’t rectify the mistakes they made in the last game, we can see FunPlus Phoenix take advantage of them. By doing so, try to come closer and win the game and hope to win it all in the Grand Finals.

We will all get to see the full force of EU Valorant for either team to take the chance to get to the lower finals and hopefully the grand finals as well.

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