Setting the right expectations for VCT Masters Copenhagen Playoffs

The VCT Masters Copenhagen Group Stage concluded and teams headed into Playoffs. Currently, matches are not being played in a direct knockout-style tournament. There will be an upper and lower bracket of matches. With 8 teams left, we have already started with the quarterfinals of the tournament. If a team loses twice, they are out of the tournament. After losing their first match in the tournament they will be placed in a corresponding spot in the lower brackets. To get to the grand final from there they will need to win all their matches.

Many fans can’t hold back their hype anymore for what to expect from this tournament. Within the Group Stages, we have seen many teams get knocked out in such an easy fashion. While the others gave fight for their money to make sure each knockout was as tough as it got. With the group stages now concluded, there isn’t any scope for messing around by a team now.

Optic Valorant

What to expect the Playoffs?

The teams that had already qualified to the playoff rounds did so as they came first in their respective region’s tournament. By doing so they immediately avoided the pressurising group stages while also getting time to analyse the teams they could be facing. Just before the last games of the group stages, the brackets were announced for the playoffs. The games of the playoffs are as follows

  • Paper Rex vs Guild Esports
  • FNATIC vs FunPlus Phoenix
  • Leviatan vs DRX
  • XSET VS Optic Gaming

One thing to keep in mind is that FunPlus Phoenix who made quite a run in their matches leading up to the Playoffs did not have a day’s rest. It may have lead to the team not being able to make the right strategies in their defeat against FNATIC.

The game everyone wants to watch is XSET vs Optic Gaming because of their past match. XSET defeated Optic Gaming in the Grand Finals of the North American qualifiers.

While the first half of the Playoffs matches took place on the 14th of July, it will be quite interesting to see if we see another style of play from teams who took part in the group stages. If done right this can then lead to a swerve which many teams won’t be expecting.

Seeing Paper Rex vs FNATIC already, in my opinion will be the match no one should miss from this tournament. Either of these teams will likely be in the Grand Final.

Which matches to re-watch from the VCT Masters Copenhagen Group Stage?

It would be wrong to state that the groups randomized for the group stages got us all amped for the games in hand. Due to Optic Gaming and LOUD being in the same group, there was a high possibility for the VCT Masters 1 Grand final to take place. To many people’s hopes and prays it did take place but in the lower bracket rounds, both Optic and Loud lost their first game to Guild Esports and KRU Esports respectfully. This led to the eliminator match being one where one of the previous finalists would be knocked out immediately. If you haven’t watched this game between the two teams, it is highly suggested that you do due to the sheer technique and quality of gameplay you could see.

While in group B the team who showed how impressive they could be during an international tournament was FunPlus Phoenix. While many haven’t heard of the team as such they are from the EMEA region. They started their run in a  thrilling BO3 against XERXIA Esports winning it 2-1. Following that, in the winner’s match, they faced off against DRX who they lost to 2-1 and went into the deciding match for their qualification in the tournament. They faced off against NORTHEPTION and won that game with ease 2-0.

All of these matches had plenty of action and tactics you can utilize when you head into Valorant ranked play yourself.