Fnatic has all the ingredients to dominate VCT Masters Copenhagen

If there is one team who might split all the fans of Valorant into two groups, it is Fnatic. Their troll style making sure they mentally destroy their opponents even before the game, sets them apart from every other team. From making fun of teams about them going back home by flight to twerking after the opponents are defeated, Fnatic takes every opportunity to “salt” on opponents.

There is no stopping FNATIC when it comes to mind games. While being one of the favorites to win it all at VCT Masters Copenhagen, let’s take a look at the squad, and see if they are able to start their era of dominance.

Will Fnatic remain undefeated? - VCT 2022 EMEA Stage 1 Challengers

This old roster was good, but the new one is insane.

Last year during VCT 2021 Masters Reykjavík , FNATIC got to the Grand Finals. Losing to Sentinels in the first major LAN tournament of Valorant. Following that, they lost in the quarterfinals of VALORANT Champions 2021 against KRU Esports 1-2.

While all looked doomy for the team, they picked up their socks and came 3rd during VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 1 Challengers. but lost to G2 Esports to get knocked out of the tournament. Surprisingly they couldn’t get out of the group stage of VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters – Reykjavík.

Since that loss, they have been on an 8-game win streak and finished first in the VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers. Defeating FunPlus Phoenix 3-0 in a clean sweep. Currently, they are ranked 1st in EU, having a win-loss record of 59/21. While not being able to gather as many wins as compared to the likes of Paper Rex and OpTic Valorant. FNATIC still have quite an impressive record.

New Fnatic roster is as good as it can get

While FNATIC is currently in the know due to their infamous celebration after winning the European qualifiers of VCT. They are a team that originates from the United Kingdom. Being the top-ranked team clearly shows that the team is past their older fears and is leaving its mark while teabagging most of the other teams. Currently, their new Valorant roster consists of:

  • Boaster (Captain/ IGL)
  • Enzo
  • Derke
  • Mistic
  • Alfajer
  • Mini (Coach)

Their playstyle in the eyes of many is simply based on skill and planting onto sites with pressure. The one thing they are very well known for is their lineups with each agent on every map. There have been situations where they have been able to send a viper mollie halfway across a map and immediately lay the pressure on that site. Due to this, there are many instincts where opponents don’t have any idea what’s going on.

Another thing to note is that they aren’t shy to play to the end of the clock while also rotating at the last moment to get the plant down. Due to this unique kind of aggression the opponents most of the time have to adjust on the go. Another bit to note is that during the first few minutes the team will tend to use as much as a utility to get map control while having a lot of coordination with their utility.

Expectations for Fnatic at Valorant Masters Copenhagen

Due to winning the VCT European Qualifiers. FNATIC don’t need to play in the group stages. They can directly focus on the Playoffs. Due to this benefit, they will have a little bit more time to be able to work and analyse the teams during the group stages. This could be the advantage that could help FNATIC to win this Tournament. Coming close to winning it all in the first VCT Masters Tournament, the team this time looks dead set to win it this time.

Their IGL, Boaster has been trash-talking since the start of the year. Yet, he can talk the talk, and walk the walk. Being the main controller on the team, makes sure they have crisp communication and smokes when needed. “Enzo” makes the difference and can play mainly the initiator role or even Viper when needed in a duel controller lineup. Derke is their main entry fragging duelist who since the release of Chamber hasn’t looked back, but still uses Raze on maps like Bind.

Alfajer can play a variety of roles and characters such as Raze, Killjoy and Viper based on the maps and the team lineups. Last but not to be forgotten is Mistic. Who acts as the main initiator for the team by playing most of the characters who have flashed in their kit while also playing Sage or Viper when needed.

VCT Masters Copenhagen could very well be the moment for FNATIC to show the world the true power of teams from the EU, and start their Reign as world champions. Trolling and destroying every team that comes along the way is a bonus.