For Honor Player Count – Who Plays For Honor in 2024?

How many people play For Honor? In this post we will be exploring the For Honor player count, delving a little deeper into what the game is about, how many people play For Honor and the countries with the most players.

For Honor: What’s the game about?

For Honor is an entertaining action video game from Ubisoft. The game is set in a fantasy world where Vikings, Samurai and Knights fight hand-to-hand in intense, tactical clashes. For Honor offers single and multiplayer modes, with equal emphasis on player vs. player duels and strategic turf battles.


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The game mechanics are centered on the player’s ability to wield armaments in melee combat, such as axes, swords and spears. Players must use tactical and precise moves to beat their opponents.

The video game For Honor features a challenging and complex combat system, which has earned it recognition for its gameplay and its focus on player skill.

How many people play For Honor?

Determining how many people play For Honor is no longer a difficult task. By using the For Honor player count we can find out how many players are active daily, and by storing this data we can count monthly activity and other relevant data.

Here is a table with the player average of the last several months:

Month/YearAverage Player/DayAverage Player/Month
November 202333,378239,590
October 202328,272280,222
September 202333,066330,450

For Honor can be considered a very popular game these days, especially considering that it has been around since 2016. The game still offers a nice competitive edge and generates good reviews and has a crossplay option to play with your friends in other platforms accepted by the Ubisoft game.

Top countries playing For Honor

To give an insight into the magnitude of For Honor’s large community of players, we present a Top 5 list of countries with the most For Honor players:

  • United States of America – 17.01%
  • Germany – 7.20%
  • Russia – 6.68%
  • Brazil – 5.90%
  • United Kingdom, Great Britain – 5.19%

With 42.17% we have the representation of the 5 countries with the most For Honor players, while 57.83% is represented by the rest of the countries, which together have the great majority but in individual percentage contribution, the percentage is small.

Why is For Honor popular?

The great popularity of the video game For Honor lies in its focus on melee combat between Vikings, Knights and Samurai, characters that give us a lot of tactical intensity in combat. All this combined with a deep and challenging combat system has captivated gamers around the world.

Thus, its balance of skill, strategy and player intensity creates a unique gaming experience that appeals to those who love challenging and exciting action games.

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