Is For Honor Crossplay? All About For Honor Cross-Platform Gaming

Ever asked, ‘Is For Honor crossplay?’ Then you’ve come to the right place. This is because we’ve prepared this entire guide that shows you what your crossplay and cross-progression options are for playing this awesome hack-and-slash game. So keep reading to see if there is cross-platform functionality when it comes to For Honor!

for honor crossplay

What we mean by crossplay

Crossplay basically means being able to play the same game against other gamers regardless of what platform they are using. Still confused? Don’t worry as we’ve got a separate guide that answers the question of, ‘What is cross-platform?’ in more depth here!

Is For Honor crossplay?

Now that we’ve established the basic crossplay meaning, it’s time to see how it applies to For Honor. While this hack and slash game didn’t have crossplay when it came out in 2017, Ubisoft has been hard at work in giving it full cross-platform capacities. 

These moves are already in effect. Phase one was introduced in spring 2022, and it looks like phase two is due to land at some point later in the year. Take a look below to see how these changes affect your cross-platform gameplay.

for honor crossplay

Welcoming For Honor cross-platform gameplay phase 1

Phase 1 of the For Honor crossplay rollout basically lets you enjoy cross-platform matchmaking regardless of whether you’re playing from a PlayStation, Xbox or PC. While this is great news, it’s worth noting that your current skill levels will be readjusted over the short-term to calibrate against those of other gaming platforms.

All of this means that For Honor actually currently has better cross-platform gaming than what you get with Rainbow Six Siege crossplay. Sadly there is no way for us to show you how to add friends on For Honor crossplay just yet as this isn’t part of phase 1.

Just so you know, For Honor is now operational cross generation which means that you can connect with other players who are playing from the same family of consoles, such as PS4 and PS5.

What can we expect in For Honor crossplay phase 2?

For Honor crossplay really gets going in phase 2. This is where you will finally be able to group up with friends and lay waste to opponents playing on other platforms. All of which should make For Honor fully cross-platform.

It’s hoped that in-game communication will be back to what it was prior to the updates. Such voice chat has been limited while the changes are underway, but there are plans to reintroduce this form of communication at a later date.

How to play cross-platform For Honor

The good news here is that cross-platform gameplay is set as the default option in For Honor. Don’t want crossplay? Here’s what you need to do to disable crossplay on For Honor:

  • Go into the main menu
  • Open up the Game Menu
  • Hit the Options tab
  • Choose Online
  • Untick the Crossplay box

Is there any For Honor cross-progression?

Sadly, there is no cross-progression with For Honor. Cross-progression means that you can share your game progression and all of the associated rewards across different platforms — which isn’t the case here. So, if you are playing For Honor on a Xbox and switch over to PC, you won’t be able to keep all of your unlocks, outfits, heroes and so on. While not the best news, For Honor isn’t the only title that limits cross-progression, as this can also be seen by the lack of Dead by Daylight cross-progression

Enjoy For Honor crossplay with friends

We’re delighted to confirm that it’s looking like For Honor is set to be one of the best crossplay games around. While it’s still early days it looks like Ubisoft is hard at work in bringing full cross-platform functionality to this game.

So far, the early efforts look very promising with the matchmaking for PVP and PVE modes being effortless. All of which means that we’re going to keep this page updated to see how phase 2 of the crossplay operation rolls out. So keep it here for more about For Honor cross-platform gaming!