2020 F1 Esports Series halfway mark report and season expectations

The yearly Formula 1 esports series is progressing nicely – 6 of the 12 races that are part of the official FIA Formula One World Championship have already taken place. Red Bull Esports is the current constructors leader, while Jarno Opmeer sits on a comfortable lead in the drivers standings.

There are plenty of races until the end of the season with two defending champions seeking to challenge upcoming talents. Here’s where things currently stand.

Formula 1 Pro Series 2020

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F1 Esports Series mid-season report

Six of the 12 races have concluded, and so far there is a clear favourite, both by points and by placements. In his first race, despite the first race from 5th grid position, Jarno Opmeer (Alfa Romeo Racing) was able to win. In the second race he started from 2nd position and placed third, and for the third race he started in pole position and won. He continued like that, and has gotten a podium finish in every single of the races so far.

With a point lead of 123 over the next-placed racer, Jarno is a definite favourite to win the tournament. Marcel Kiefer racing for Red Bull Racing is 2nd overall with 96 points, while his teammate Frederik Rasmussen from Denmark is currently in third place with 89 points. These three are the strong contenders in the competition.

There is a rather large gap in points further down the list. French racer Nicolas Longuet driving for Renault Vitality has 60 points, while neither of the other competitors have managed to score more than 40 points so far. That said, it’s more than possible to catch up with the remaining races – the 6 first-place finishes alone still hold 150 points!

In addition to the players mentioned so far, there are several other competitors familiar to fans from previous season.

2017/18 Formula 1 Esports Series winner Brendon Leigh driving for Mercedes-AMG has only managed to net 26 points so far. Furthermore, 2019 Season defending champion David Tonizza, also sits at 26 points sharing the 8/9th position with Leigh.

F1 Esports Mid Season Standings

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Expectations and upcoming races

Coming into the final six races of the season, Marcel Kiefer and Frederik Rasmussen have limited leeway if they want to catch up to Opmeer. The Silverstone GP on the 18th of November and Suzuka on December 16th are likely where each of them seek to reach podium placements.

The biggest dark horse however, is Daniel Bereznay from Alfa Romeo Racing. Coming into the final six races he has Spa-Francorchamps, Monza and Interlagos, three races he won in 2019. He also won Spa in 2018, which would make him a three-time defending champion if he wins it in 2020.

Bereznay is currently sitting at 5th with 37 points. However, if he manages to repeat the end-season success from 2019, he will likely catch up to his teammate Opmeer or even surpass him in the standings.

The next set of races is set for next week. Catch all the action and highlights at the F1 Official Youtube channel.

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