Fortnite and Coronavirus – FaZe Clan’s coach tests positive for COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is having some pretty big effects on all kinds of sports. The majority of live events being delayed or played without a crowd. Events are being delayed or disrupted pretty regularly. With quite a few countries banning large gatherings altogether. Fortnite’s coronavirus effect is even beginning to spread to the players, with a coach now confirmed as positive after having spent time at a major event.

The FaZe coach has become the first Fortnite example of a player delayed through coronavirus, which could impact the next upcoming tournament. Fortnite teams are currently working hard in their Duos for the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series. The latest edition of which is due to begin on Saturday. With only 4 weekends of events though, this virus could be coming at a bad time.

Fornite FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan’s Couch Contracts Coronavirus

The FaZe Fortnite Coach goes by DestinyJesus. In his role, he spends quite a bit of time with players. The coach has now tested positive for coronavirus. In the period leading up to this test though, he spent some time at the DreamHack Open. Here, he definitely came into contact with many Esports fans, players, and probably most of the Fortnite FaZe team along with any other players they then came into contact with.

While it isn’t guaranteed that all will become infected from this minor visit, but it does raise some issues for the upcoming FNCS. FaZe is one of the biggest teams currently active in Fortnite. With a good number of their players out of commission for two weeks with a virus, they could miss the majority of the tournament. This could leave the team with little representation at Fortnite’s next big event.


While FaZe is the only Fortnite coronavirus infected team at the moment, we’ll likely see more players dropping out of the upcoming tournament because of it. It isn’t all bad news though, the downturn in other sports has actually brought some new players to the game.

Fortnite ‘s Coronavirus Boost in Player Numbers

The virus is proving difficult to avoid, but it might even be having a benefit on Esports. Fortnite and Twitch are both seeing an increase in popularity since the virus began. With more people self-isolating, or practising social distancing and removing themselves from everyday life where they can, people have to find something to do, for many that something is Fortnite.

This has included two Arsenal players, who have been streaming the game as a Duo over the weekend. The League is off until early April, with doubt cast over the ability to finish the season. Many teams have even cancelled training sessions in an attempt to keep their players healthy. This leaves plenty of time for sport stars to dip their toes into the world of Esports. With FaZe players out of commission, maybe premier league footballers will be able to convert their skills on the ball to a mouse and keyboard for the Fortnite Champion Series Open.

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