Fortnite Champion Series Returns With Duos

The Fortnite Champion Series returns soon for the latest season of the game. Players will compete in the usual formats for a share of a $793,000 prize pool, with events running throughout Chapter 2 Season 2. There is one big change this time around though, the season is actually going to be three events.

Fortnite has been available on a few platforms for a while and plenty of players chose only to play on mobile or console. Until now though, those players were stuck competing with a disadvantage in competitive events and were essentially locked out of most.

To combat this, the Fortnite Champion Series’ Return in 2020 is going to be holding events or all players. In the past, we’ve seen exclusive events for mobile and console. However, this time there will be events running for consoles, and mobile all at the same time. Players will be divided up which gives everyone a fair shot at a share of the prize pool.

There are separate prize pools available for each region and type of format you’re using. While the top tier players will still be done on PC, you can still get involved in the fun on consoles.

How Does the Fortnite Champion Series Work?

Fortnite Championship Series Esports News

The Fortnite Champion Series is a bit different from Epic’s big events. The previous version saw teams competing only in Trios, this time around it is Duos.

Players have to be in the Champion League (any of the divisions) to qualify for the series. Then, they get a three-hour window on the days the event is running to play 10 matches. Their results from these 10 matches will be collected and have them placed on a leaderboard.

Players who come out on top of each of these leaderboards will then be collected together for one large series finals at the end of the run.

This is when the event is due to run.

  • March 20-22 – Week 1
  • March 27-29 – Week 2
  • April 3-5 – Week 3
  • April 10-12 – Week 4
  • Finals – April 17-19


The scoring system for Fortnite arena has changed recently. The Fortnite Champions Series return isn’t just a repeat of the last round. Tournaments are using a new version of scoring that balances things a bit different to previous events like the world cup. This is how scoring breaks down:

  • Victory Royale – 10 Points.
  • 2-5th Place – 7 Points
  • 6-10th Place – 5 Points
  • 11-15th Place – 3 Points
  • Elimination – 1 Point

This scoring reduces the points you get for placement and puts more emphasise on kills. However, with 15 points to gain from getting in the top 5 still, placement is still the best way to get yourself up the leadership.

Playing a bit more carefully and passively has always been an easier way to get points in Epics’ competitive modes. The Fortnite Champion Series’ return season hasn’t changed this really, but they have watered it down to take some of the focus away from placement.

The Champion Series is open to all players, providing you’re good enough to place in the Champions League in the first place. While they’ll be plenty of action to watch on players’ streams, the main event is really the finals coming in April, which will definitely be one of the biggest Fortnite events of the year.