Fortnite Arena Leaderboard: Who Has the Most Hype?

Fortnite Arena mode is the competitive side of the game. You’ll need to progress through Arena to get any access to the competitive mode. Now that Epic has introduced a pretty big dividing line between comp and pubs, the Arena mode is also the best place to practise for the competitive mode. With a different loot pool and more serious players, it is a popular side of the game. Above all though, the Fortnite arena leaderboard is a great way of seeing how every players stacks up in terms of skill.

The best Fortnite players largely prove their skill in tournaments and competitions instead of in general matches. However, the Arena mode is the closest things to these tournaments when playing day to day.

Fortnite Arena Leaderboard

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Fortnite Arena Mode Leaderboard

The Fortnite Arena Mode leaderboard shows off which players have the most hype. This is how the Arena mode leaderboard looks at the moment:

  1. eve – 5.8K Hype, 10 Average Elims, 14 Wins
  2. Tengo WRLD – 5.9K Hype, 2.6 Average Elims, 14 Wins
  3. Amaro – 6K Hype, 1 Average Elims, 14 Wins
  4. WKEYй.кsS – 6.2K Hype, 5.4 Average Elims, 13 Wins
  5. Put on ur Diaper – 3.5K Hyper, 5 Average Elims, 13 Wins
  6. Mokarim7_ASF – 3.8K Hype, 4.8 Average Elims, 13 Wins.
  7. UnoSandMan – 8K Hype, 3.1 Average Elims, 13 Wins.
  8. Yeetshe – 3.9K Hype, 2.9 average elims, 13 Wins
  9. Dylantu – 5.7K Hype, 3 Average Elims, 17 Wins
  10. Эbncuobajd – 4.4K Hype, 8.5 Average Elims, 12 Wins

That’s the current top 10 on the Fortnite Arena leaderboard. It does change from time to time though. It is currently early in the Season, so these totals are likely to change as time goes on. With the top players not having too many wins just yet, things are still up in the air.

Who Has the Most Hype? 

The most Hype overall in Season 5 to date is Wrzeszcyk.eve, this is when you account for the amount of minus hype taken from other players in bus fares. This player has the most hype over relatively few matches compared with other players. So they’ve lost a lot less hype in entry and gained more through elims and placement in individual games.

Are Players on top of the Fortnite Arena mode Leaderboard the Best Fortnite Players? 

The players on the top of the Fortnite leaderboard are those who have placed the highest in Arena mode, but they’re not necessarily the best Fortnite players. These players aren’t the same players as those who rank highly in actual tournaments, so why is there a difference?

Players have to progress through Arena mode to enter into tournaments. Once they’ve got the hype to be in the highest division though, there isn’t any benefit to continuing to play Arena mode.

Once you’ve qualified, keeping going in arena only really helps you rise up this leaderboard. Since there is no prize or winnings here, most competitive players don’t bother beyond using it to practise.

The main exception to this is the early period of a season. Players have to grind up to the top tier in Arena mode so they can get into the events over the course of the season. Arena mode is competitive, busy, and difficult in the first few weeks of a season!

The Arena mode leaderboard is a fun measure of who is doing the best is one area of the game. It isn’t a definitive account for the top players though. You likely won’t see any of the best Fortnite streamers on there. The arena  mode leaderboard is a fun measurement, but don’t put too much stock in it as a list of the top Fortnite players.

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