Fortnite brings back Collegiate Cups next semester – FCC 2022

College students usually don’t have as much time for video games. While some of their age-range counterparts are pro gamers, they’re usually in the classroom or studying. When they have time, some of them like to play games like Fortnite, but can only do so casually and for short periods of time.

Epic Games wants to reach out to that target audience and get them some competitive play in Fortnite. They wrote on their blog:

“After the Spring ‘22 semester we are excited to continue offering more in-game Fortnite competitions exclusively for college students in the United States and Canada!”

Fortnite Collegiate Cups: What you need to know

The fall semester will feature monthly tournaments in both Battle Royale and Zero Build. These tournaments will hold cash prizes for their winners, which can be very valuable to college students. Epic has even said they are planning to do school-hosted competitions. They’re partnering with College Carball Association to pull all of this off. It seems like US schools are still ahead when it comes to collegiate play.

Registering: Get those transcripts ready!

In order to register, eligible students must visit this site. The cutoff date for registration is September 1, 2022. Students will need to verify their status by sending in their current transcript. After that, they’ll need to join the College Carball Association Discord server to participate.

Fortnite Collegiate Cup

Dates for events: Mark your calendars

Every month will feature a tournament and they will alternate between Zero Build and Battle Royale. They will also alternate between Solos and Trios, so players may need to make some friends beforehand.

These are the currently scheduled dates, per Epic Games:

  • September 7: Trios Zero Build
  • September 8: Solo Battle Royale
  • October 5: Trios Zero Build
  • October 6: Solo Battle Royale
  • November 2: Trios Zero Build
  • November 3: Solo Battle Royale

The tournaments will not only be for that single day, though. They will each consist of two rounds. The second round will commence a few days after the first round ends. Epic Games will share exact dates for those rounds at a later date.

As mentioned, winners will receive cash prizes, though they have not been announced as of yet. However, all participants will receive a cosmetic reward, which has also not been revealed. Also mentioned earlier, Epic Games wants to host school-hosted Fortnite tournaments. If any schools want to get involved, they can fill out an application here. For any more information, please visit the Epic Games website.