Fortnite Cars – Release Data and Leaks

The latest season of Fortnite is a bit of a slow burn, with the map gradually changing and revealing more of the new content. One of the most anticipated parts of the latest season is Fortnite cars. They’ve been a well known upcoming feature since the launch of the season. However, at this moment they’re still buried under the sea. That should be changing soon though, the water level in Fortnite is due to lower and finally reveal the cars that have been marooned underneath the ocean.

Fortnite Cars - Release Data and Leaks

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Fortnite’s mobility has been somewhat under fire since Chapter 2 began. Boats and helicopters are both currently in the game. However, players have found big issues with the way both effect the balance of the game. Helicopters are too useful, and boats have limited uses even with the map half submerged in water. Cars would appear to be the mobility option that players have been clamoring for. The addition to mobility might have big ramifications for competitive play, and any Fortnite betting.

So how will Fortnite cars work, and when are they due to be released?

Fortnite Cars Leaks

At the moment, there are visible cars within the Fortnite map. They’re buried under the water though. In the trailer for Season 3, we saw that cars are going to be in the action later. At the moment, this is all we officially know about Fortnite cars. Luckily some dataminers have found some pretty solid information buried in the games files.

Cars are going to be more complicated to use than other mobility options in the past. They’re going to available in four different sizes. Small, medium, large, and a truck. Each of them has their own name.

They’ll even have a unique mechanic in the way of fuel. Yeah Fortnite still hasn’t gone electric.

Your car will spawn with some fuel, but the gas stations around the map will need to refill the car where possible. You might have spotted the beginnings of this mechanic if they’ve taken a helicopter ride since the last update. Flying in a chopper now puts gas station markers all over your map, showing how you’ll find a refill once cars launch.

Imagine if instead of gas stations the devs put electric charges. You’d have to sit around and wait for your car to charge before moving forward. Now that’s the sort of mechanic we want.

On a serious note, cars will have HP just like any other vehicle in Fortnite. Small cars will have 800, medium 1,000, and large cars are going to have 1,200 HP. This makes them quite a bit weaker than the helicopters currently in the game. In terms of how this effects the balance of the game, this should be a better choice. The helicopters were often criticized for being too hard to bring down. It seems cars won’t have that problem.

How Will Fortnite Cars Work?

The leaks about Fortnite cars seem to go further than just revealing their sizes. We have a decent idea of the mechanics are going to work. One interesting part is boosting. This will presumably work similarly to how boosting works with boats. Hitting the boost button will speed you up and increase your momentum. It seems that Fortnite cars will suck up a lot of fuel when boosting though.

The gas in the cars is going to be consumer on a pre second basis. The amount varies depends on the size of your car, but they’ll consume up to 0.75 of fuel a second while driving and up to 10 while boosting. Damaging a car will also take some of its fuel away. So if your car takes damage, you risk it both exploding completely when out of HP or becoming unusable due to fuel a lot quicker.

When are Cars coming to Fortnite?

When it comes to the release date for Fortnite cars, we don’t know quite as much. Dataminers think the cars will become fully playable as soon as July 21st. This seems like a realistic time frame. However, really we just have to wait and se how long it takes for the water to drain and reveal the cars. The water seems to be moving at quite the pace at the moment, with the whole of salty springs now revealed. If you’re excited to jump into playing the game with Fortnite cars, you might not have long to wait.

Do remember to drive responsibly.

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