Fortnite Console Champions Cup and Zero Builds Tournaments this week

Fortnite’s Zero Build mode has been in the game for two seasons now, and it’s been the subject of a lot of speculation about esports. Last week, Epic added a Zero Builds Arena mode into the game with a recent update. This new mode is cementing competitive gameplay for this side mode, and we’ve just had its first real tournament leak.

It isn’t quite a new FNCS where the best Fortnite players fight it out, but the Fortnite Console Champions Cup definitely looks like a unique addition to competitive Fortnite.

FN Console Champions Cup

Fortnite Console Champions Cup

The Fortnite Console Champions Cup has recently been shared by a Fortnite leaker. This is going to be a tournament with two events, one for builds and one for Zero Builds. Each of these tournaments is going to be a console Fortnite cup. They’ll both feature a prize pool and multiple rounds of competition.

The Console Champions Cup is supposedly going to be taking place August 13-14th. This will be the Zero Build Cup version of the game. The Fortnite Console Champions Cup will be followed up with a building-enabled tournament taking place shortly after, August 19-21.

These two tournaments will be hosted in-game in Fortnite. They’re both going to be Duos competitions for consoles with a total prize pool of $250,000. This is one of the biggest console events that they’ve hosted so far and a new tournament for Zero Builds. Players will be divided into regions. They’ll have to make it through multiple rounds to get a shot at the prize pool.

Zero Builds Arena and tournaments finally a reality

Fortnite Zero Build Arena mode was added into the game with the recent hotfix. This has been a source of speculation since the game mode was introduced, with players puzzled about if Fortnite No Build tournaments were going to further split the competitive player base. It seems that Epic is definitely going ahead with Zero Builds competitive, but it hasn’t announced many dedicated events yet.

Arena Mode has been added to the game, but Zero Build Cups are still occasional events rather than an organized system like for building. With the Fortnite Console Champions Cup now announced, is this going to be the way forward for events? This cup will have both builds and zero builds versions. We might see Epic continue this route, doubling up on competitive events to acter to both sides of the game’s community.

This will give more opportunities for players to get involved. While Epic hasn’t detailed too many more competitions, we can safely say this isn’t the extent of them. Introducing an entire Arena Mode for a single tournament that isn’t even active on every platform is unlikely. It’s more likely that we’ll eventually get No Builds Tournaments for PC too. At least if this Arena trial run is a success.

What Does the Fortnite Console Champions Cup and Zero Builds Arena Mean?

The Fortnite Zero Builds Arena mode signals that Epic is at least testing the waters for more competitive no build Fortnite events. Given that this side of the game, in general, has been such a success, Arena mode for it is likely to catch on too. The tournaments held so far have been pretty fun too and have drawn a lot of attention.

Fortnite is likely big enough for both Builds and No Builds as competitive modes. While we’ve seen some Fortnite pros leave so far, the current Chapter has been very popular and it would be unfair to say that Fortnite is dying. The game actually seems more alive than ever.

The build mode of the game is much more specialist. There’s a heavier reliance on technical building skills. This means that build players will always have a niche that more general players don’t in esports. We’re not going to be seeing build mode competitive Fortnite go away any time soon.

For now, there’s definitely space for two types of competitive Fortnite. Given the way that No Builds has revitalized the game, it could bring a whole new audience into Fortnite esports.