Teeq dominates Fortnite Dreamhack Open Europe

One of the last major Fortnite events for the year complete this weekend. The Fortnite Dreamhack Open Europe was the final of the year with as many as 500 duos competing in the final strech of the event. Dreamhack was one of the biggest events in the season, with events running all the way since July. This year their Fortnite event shave been some of the most exciting so far.

Maciej “teeq” Radzio from Galaxy Racer became the undisputed champion of the Dreamhack Open circuit having won multiple events thsu far.

The Fortnite Dreamhack Open Europe was the final regional event to take place. This makes it one of the last of the season and the first outing for a lot of the additions that have been made to the game. This is everything that happens at DH Open this past weekend, and we take a look at upcoming updates to competitive in Season 5.

DH Fortnite Open January

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December Fortnite DreamHack Open Europe 

The Fortnite Dreamhack Open Europe began on December 19th, with a first heat of every Duo that wanted to register for the game. This is a wide-open field, to find the best players in the region. The event then moved into Stage 2, which features just 500 Duos. The top-ranking players move into Stage 3 which narrows things down to just the top 50 Duos in the entire game.

Over 3 million player signed up to Dreamhack Fortnite Open events in total. It’s a huge number and a testament to how big Fortnite still is. In the end, it was mostly the best Fortnite players and signed pros that claimed most of the Winter Event rewards.

Maciej “teeq” Radzio and Setty were the absolute winners of the event, dominating most of the games and also managing to win the Final Game in their run. Teeq is now the only triple champion in Europe.

The full re-broadcast of the final day is available at the following Twitch link.

The Dremhack Open Europe is set to continue with a Duos tournament in late January. It will likely feature an expanded format and even more players in contention for some sweet prize funds. The sign-ups for the January competition will be available after the holidays here.

Competitive Fortnite in Season 5

Season 5 of Fortnite has brought a few new features to the game, but a couple have been kind of a big deal for competitive play. NPCs have been added into the game allowing the players to pick up bounties. Bounties give enemy players your location and an image of what skin to look out for. There are also some aggressive AI opponents in the game. These are things that can complicate online competitive play.

NPCs have been disabled in the game. So players are not going to be able to access any of the NPC specific features from the new season. This makes the metagame for the season a bit closer to what has become standard. There is also no Ai at the moment, so no IO guards to chase players halfway across the map. Bounties are still a bit controversial, and they are accessible through wanted posters but considerably harder to find without NPCs around.

The changes did not stop there as Fortnite published some adaptions to their rule set that addressed competitive integrity.

The Fortnite Season 5 balance adds some cool for weapons to the game and a well-balanced map. There are elements like Zero Point rocks that are being used very creatively at the moment.

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