Fortnite Mongraal Cup Highlights

Fortnite’s latest batch of in-game tournaments are starting up to coincide with Fortnite Season 3. These are typically cash and platform cups, lower stakes but still fun to watch. As well as these tournaments, Fortnite occasionally hosts an event put on by prominent pro players. The Mongraal cup was just that. It is a tournament held by Mongraal in-game. The event has just wrapped up and featured some exciting action over the course of two rounds.

Fortnite Mongraal Cup Highlights

© Mongraal Cup

The Mongraal cup was held in-game and organised by Mongraal, a FaZe player. The prize pool for the event was $10,000 with two rounds taking place in a single day. Anyone could register to take part in the event. Following this, the top 1000 players advanced from the first round into the finals. The action in the event had a strange flow to it. The newer version of the scoring for Fortnite events gives a lot more points for placement than previously, which has somewhat shifted the dynamic. Tournaments now reward pushing and survival considerably more. This is what you missed at the Mongraal Cup:

Mongraal Cup – The First Round

The Mongraal Cup had some strange results for pro Fortnite players. The big name players are those you’ll normally find on the best Fortnite players lists, or the names you’ll look at when betting on Fortnite. However, a lot of these players really suffered in the Mongraal Cup. The initial deaths and kills in the landing spot were a major part of matches, with a lot of pros not managing to collect the points they needed in the first round.

This is particularly noticeable for Mitr0. The player started late and managed to rack up a huge amount of kills in fewer games than most other players. He failed to qualify on points though. This is a reflection of the changes to Epic’s scoring which now puts more emphasis on surviving and moving than just grabbing kills.

Most players have managed to adjust to this slight change in the rules and take a bit more care to survive. Mitr0 largely ignored the actual format of the tournament to rack up a high kill count. While impressive, it means he failed to even make the second round.

A notable performance came from Tomzy who managed to rack up many wins but still lacked the necessary points. It seems the “new” points system caught a few solid players off guard.

The Finals

The finals of the Mongraal cup were no less eventful. The top spot was eventually taken by rezon. This player managed to win 5 of their 8 games, and rack on two consecutive 10+ kills winning games. This is a pretty impressive feat and it shows why they took home the top prize in the whole tournament.

The finals were notable for having pretty stacked roster. The players who made it through to the final round were staying alive and rotating late into the game. This is different to what we normally see in tournaments. However, with the new scoring and the map the way it currently is, this is likely to be a thing that we’ll see more of in the future. Competitive Fortnite might becoming a bit safer for a little while, with players going for more full matches rather than just trying to rack up a lot of quick kills.

The Mongraal Cup was broadcast on the players’ Twitch account, so replays are limited to tracking down individual players. You can find most of it here on Mongraal’s account though.

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