Fortnite Season 4 Mythic Items – Is Season 4 Good for Competitive?

Fortnite’s Mythic items have been a contentious topic since they were introduced in Chapter 2 Season 3. Fortnite Season 4 is all part of the Superhero Theme Epic Games are going for. The items follow suit, and are mostly overpowered weapons that can only exist once in each game. While fun for some casual players, this kind of game mechanic has been a nightmare for competitive players.

In the past, these items were a mobility tool like a glider redeploy or an overpowered weapon like the Drum Gun. This time around, the Fortnite Season 4 Mythic items are all superpowers. While some still help with mobility, a few deal massive damage. Epic has even added even more mythic items recently, thankfully though they’re not in the competitive side of the game.

The outcry was swift and brutal and resulted in several mythic items being nerfed and reworked on how they factor into competitive. With these balancing changes, is Fortnite Season 4 now good for competitive?

Season 4 Mythic

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What’s Wrong With Mythic Items in Competitive?

Mythic items in competitive Fortnite might feel like they’re part of the fun. The game relies on RNG for getting just about every loot. So, what’s the difference here?

The main problem with the Mythic items is that there is only one of them with a specific location you need to drop at to get them. Locations with a mythic item dominated drop spots in tournaments. Even the best Fortnite players were at a big disadvantage without them.


This doesn’t really seem great for competitive play. Anything that gives one set of players an inherent advantage over others isn’t great. This most recent update though has rectified things a bit. The first thing that Epic did was to nerf existing powers quite significantly. The current powers have had their stats reduced across the board.

On top of this, the new Mythic items don’t seem to be making an appearance in Arena mode. They might however, still appear after a few days or weeks. As a result, tournaments will not feature OP items that completely dominate tournament late games. We think this is great for both Fortnite tournaments and viewers.

Is Fortnite Season 4 Good for Competitive?

Fortnite Season 4 mythic items being out of Arena is a big improvement. In pubs, they are fun more often than frustrating. In competitive matches though, they’re not needed.

Fortnite is a game that thrives on the wackiness and fun items being thrown in. When it comes to Mythic items though, you can’t really expect pros to deal with superpowers and one of a kind items. With this recent fix, Fortnite Season 4 is looking much better for the competitive side of the game.

Season 4 has gone a long way towards fixing problems. Some Mythic items were dropped from loot drones rather than boss NPCs, making them much less dependent on one drop shot. Not including newer mythics in Arena mode goes even further.

The NPCs are still a hassle, but much less of a problem now their drop spots aren’t essential. The Fortnite Season 4 map and loot pool is currently looking pretty good competitive. Compared with prior seasons, Epic seems to be taking a bit more care about their pros once again.

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