What is the Fortnite Player count in 2022?

Fortnite has had a huge impact on the gaming industry, setting trends in games and becoming a general media hit, even being called the first metaverse. Along with this impact, it has had a pretty impressive player base. However, this has fluctuated from time to time. A lot of people wonder about the exact size of the Fortnite player count. It seems like the game is incredibly popular, although there’s often a feeling that it is past its peak.

Most game developers rarely release this kind of information. There is an exception to this though, every now again Epic release some very specific and selective data on the Fortnite player base. This is typically when the player base or active players reaches some kind of all-time high. If there’s something to brag about. We can figure use this selective information to see is the Fortnite player count dropping, and its overall count. With some outside information, we can even look at demographics and how much of the player count of Fortnite are kids. While it is sometimes decreasing, the Fortnite player count in 2022 is still impressive. It seems that new highs are still being consistently hit too.

Fortnite Player Count

How Many People Play Fortnite?

Epic Games doesn’t give entirely frequent or accurate pictures of how many people play Fortnite. We do have some metrics and measurements though for how many active players Fortnite has though.

The first is the total amount of active accounts. We know that Fortnite had over 125 million players within a year of its release.  It also seems that the total number of registered numbers is over 250 million, it passed that milestone in early 2020. However, that’s just raw account numbers. It doesn’t mean that every account is unique. People have two accounts and a number of accounts over on iOS can’t even access the game anymore.

Even among big figures in Fortnite like the best Fortnite streamers or the top Fortnite pro players, have operated quite a few accounts under their own name. It might be against the rules, but that rule-breaking can be pretty brazenly flouted. Some players even start up a new account frequently to have a quick match with a lobby full of bots to practice. So registered users aren’t a particularly helpful measure of how many people are actually playing.

In terms of how many are actually active and playing, there were 12.3 million playing concurrently in 2019. Fortnite’s best ever month for player count was in 2018, when 78 million were actively playing in August. Additionally, back in December 2020, over 15.3 million players united to beat Galactus in a single-day event. This is the highest that the Fortnite player count has gotten.

Those concurrent player records are currently the best guess of how many people play Fortnite. These are the highpoints though. You can expect the number to be lower on non-event days. Launches of new seasons and Chapters though definitely bring in big numbers.

Demographics – How much of the Player Count in Fortnite are Kids?

While we don’t know the exact player count number, we do know a little more about the demographics involved. In 2018, 62.7% of Fortnite players were under 24, with 22.5% being between 25 and 34. The remaining portion was over 35, giving a particular weighting to the games’ player base. So, we can say that a large portion of the Fortnite player base is pretty young.

Who is playing Fortnite?

A study by Verto Analytics has given players a much better look at who is part of the Fortnite player count. On top of 62.7% being 18-24, 22.5% are 25-43. Men are 72.4% of the player base, with only 27.6% being women. Fortnite’s demographics also seem to pull in people who don’t often play games. 37% of players don’t play games other than Fortnite. This probably contributes a lot to the average time spent on Fortnite.

How Many People Are Playing Fortnite Right Now?

Most of the statistics we have available from the Fortnite player count relate to total players or one or two large peaks. But a bigger question would be how many are playing Fortnite at any given time? This is considerably harder to work out. Epic doesn’t even give out monthly active user figures, let alone near-constant figures.

There are some websites that claim to be able to track the total number of Fortnite players at any one time, like Playercounter.com/fortnite. You should take this with a grain of salt though. Much like Fortnite trackers, these pages work by reading certain data and filing in the blanks. It isn’t a particularly accurate measurement.

We won’t ever get exact data of the Fortnite player count live, but we safely assume it hasn’t come above the 12.5 million players active during in 2019.

If we take a look at the monthly spending by players, we can clearly see a steady decline up until the pandemic lockdowns forcing millions of players to stay put and likely invest money and play time into Fortnite.

fortnite spending and player count

Data source: Sensor Tower

When Did the Fortnite Player Count Peak?

The player base statistics available tend to only be updated when they have a large milestone to brag about. Epic isn’t in the business of publishing press releases full of bad news. So we have a much easier time seeing when the count peaked. A Fortnite player count graph would essentially be an ever-increasing upwards trend since Epic only release figures when they break a past record.

The active Fortnite number of players first spiked with the Travis Scott concert sat 12.5 million concurrently active players. If you factor in stream viewers, the black hole event probably beat this. In terms of actual Fortnite player base, that Galaticus event was definitely the peak to date. 15 million people were involved in that event, and that’s not counting the huge streaming viewers. Fortnite might well break this record again in the future, with the game increasingly holding more events.

Fortnite Save the World Player Count

The Battle Royale side of Fortnite isn’t the entire game, and we have a much better idea of players of the Save the World game. This side of the game was paid, so we can easily look at sale figures to see how many players Save the World has. Last time the game’s sales figures were announced publicly, it had sold over a million copies. Since the title has now ceased being updated, this is probably as high as it is going to get.

Is the Fortnite Player Count Dropping?

The player base of Fortnite might be dropping, but if it is then only steadily. Fortnite is a game that thrives on constant renewal. What comes with this is a fairly healthy cycle of players coming in and out. Fortnite has had seasons with a significantly lower player count followed up by considerably more popular ones.

The opening of Chapter 2 brought a lot of players, new and old, back to Fortnite after its spark had dulled a little. It’s likely that Chapter 3 resulted in a similar bump but this one lacked the major opening that 2 had with its Black Hole. So while it does seem like the player base is dropping, this isn’t permanent. A new event or season is likely to bring new players straight back in. The Fortnite player count is a bit more fluid and reactive than it is specifically dropping.

While the topic of Fortnite dying is always popping up, the game’s player count tends to go up and down more often than simply decreasing slowly. Warzone has taken some attention away from the game. However, even with Warzone taking some attention, the Fortnite player count 2022 is still plenty high.

Fortnite Events

Fortnite’s live events like end-of-season blow outs and live concerts are a big deal for the game. These events bring in huge viewership active players in the game. These events are definitely over represented when looking at the Fortnite player count and if Fortnite is losing players. These live events bring in big viewership. They are the peak for the Fortnite player base in terms of numbers but not really representative of the wider game’s popularity.

Fortnite on Twitch

One way you can look at the Fortnite player count or general interest is to look on Twitch. A lot of people watch more Fortnite than they actually play. The game is still routinely sat in the top few spots on Twitch, so we can safely say a lot of people are watching Fortnite on Twitch. We don’t have specific metrics as people drop in and out of Twitch streams all the time, but a lot of time is spent watching Fortnite. Most of the time, Fortnite is fairly high up on the Twitch charts.

Fortnite’s player count can be hard to figure out given the limited stats on offer. We can safely say what player milestones have been passed. There are a lot of active Fortnite players and a huge number of accounts. The player base tends to fluctuate, but it is likely we’ll see a higher milestone passed at some point in the future.

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