Fortnite V13.30 Update – Still Waiting for Cars

Fortnite V13.30 has just hit the game, but it has been a slightly different update to what was anticipated. Epic has been a bit more frequent with patches in Fortnite Season 3. After updates somewhat dwindled in Chapter 2, they’re back to a regular schedule. Unfortunately, this means sometimes the updates are going to be a bit smaller than players would like. Fortnite V13.30 hasn’t brought the cars into the game that players were expecting. However, there is reason to believe that this will happen soon. There are some clues pointing towards cars coming very soon, with just a switch needing to be flipped to activate them.

Fortnite v13.30 on its surface looks like more of a maintenance update. We’ve got some usual adjustment, but so far it feels more like bug fixes than a major addition. This might be because the major addition is coming soon. This is what you need to know about the Fortnite V13.30 update.

Fortnite Still Waiting for Cars

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Fortnite V13.30 Changes

These are all of the changes with Fortnite V13.30, it is largely maintenance fixes. However, this is what you need to know:

  • Map Changes – Fortnite Season 3 has been buried underwater, with the map gradually coming back over the course of the season. A fair amount of water has now receded. The gas stations around the map have been re-done. They’re now designed differently. This likely ties into the Fortnite cars update that is coming soon to the game.
  • LTMs – Fortnite V13.30 is bringing quite a few LTMs into the game. These will be rotated as part of Summer Splash. The ones added are Payback, Catch, and One-Shot.

Bug Fixes and Alterations in Fortnite V13.30

  • Whirlpools – These have been re-enabled in Fortnite V13.30.
  • Gliders – The glider redeploys speed bug has been fixed.
  • Chug Jug – Fixed problem with jug not being able to be picked up while it was refilling.
  • Supply Drops – The problem with supply drops not being opened at the Authority hasn’t been fixed but a workaround has been added. You can now shoot the open if they get bugged.
  • Authority – Issues with launch pads, glider guns, and gliding in general not working in this spot has been fixed.

Those are all of the big announced changes to Fortnite V13.30. One big thing does appear to be missing though. If you’ve been following Fortnite Season 3 so far this might seem like a glaring omission. What happened to cars?

Fortnite Cars in V13.30

Cars were due to be added into Fortnite with this update, but they haven’t appeared. We have a bit of information about this though. An email went out to content creators saying that Fortnite’s cars had been ‘recalled’. This presumably is saying that they have a slight bug and need to be called back to fix. So when exactly can we expect cars?

The games files indicate that a week 6 challenge involves filling a car with petrol at Catty Corner. If this challenge is anything to go by, we should see cars appear in the next week or so. It’s possible that this challenge will get delayed until the cars are released though.

All of this does point towards cars having been intended for inclusion in this update. The infrastructure is all there for them. If a bug is preventing their release, then they should be in the game as soon as it’s fixed.

Cars are a fun addition that will be sure to spice up the competitive side of the game. If you’re interested in Fortnite betting, keep in mind how cars might impact some of the best Fortnite players’ performance. While we have to wait a bit longer, Fortnite V13.30 has brought plenty of LTMs and bug fixes to keep players occupied until then.

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