Fortnite V23.10 brings new Mythics, Good Changes & Banger Events

Fortnite V23.10 is live in the game. It’s our first decently-sized update since Chapter 4 launched after such a short gap in Fortnite Seasons, but also one of our few big ones before Epic takes their holiday break. The meta of the game at the moment is a lot of fun with players pulling off crazy moves with the new gear. These been some decent changes made to a lot of that kit between the newest update and the hotfix.

These are the main changes for the Fortnite V23.10 patch, and what the biggest ones are going to mean for competitive.

Fortnite Patch

New Mythics in Fortnite V23.10

One big part of Fortnite V23.10 is the new Mythics added into the game. These aren’t going to be active right away, but they’ll be a part of the game from a few days from now. The first is Deku’s Smash.

This is an item to tie-in with the My Hero Academia crossover. It’s going to be a mythic that recreates the One for All perk and Smash attacks used by Deku and All Might in the series. Hopefully, the weapon doesn’t recreate the debilitating injuries Deku endures using the move.

The second Mythic is probably a bit more permanent with Fortnite V23.10, it’s the Ageless Champion’s Shockwave. It’s hard to know how the Shockwave Hammer could be improved really, short of taking out the minor drawbacks it currently has like the cooldowns. It’s already pretty powerful in the Fortnite Chapter 4 competitive meta. You can get the Ageless Champion’s Shockwave Hammerby defeating the Ageless Champion at the The Citadel.

We don’t know how they’ll deal with these Mythics in the Fortnite competitive side. Unlike the Winterfest content, we’ll likely see this eventually make a pop up in the game itself. A Mythic shockwave hammer could really be disruptive at competitive events.

Ageless Champion Fortnite

Winterfest and Mr Beast make entry

Winterfest is the big part of this update. Every December, Epic throws this big holiday party. There are new items, returning items, little touches around the map, and even free cosmetics usually if you stick around to the end of the event.

The Winterfest Update isn’t the most substantial for the competitive side of the game. Just like in Chapter 3’s early days, it is a little weird to be getting a mix-up to the normal map and pool without really getting the chance to get to know it first. It’s fun to have some unique content for a few weeks though.

Free Skins are always a huge feature of Winterfest and they’re returning this year. Two skins are going to be on offer. There’s a fairly standard skin in a tracksuit. Along with a winter-colored version of the fluffy Guff skin from one of the Chapter 2 Battle Pass.

Along with the other changes, Mr Beast’s skin is hitting the game! This is something that’s been teased since December FNCS event, and then shown off in full in the Chapter 4 reveal trailer. He’ll be coming to the game in full though, starting very soon with Fortnite X Mr Beast.

Along with the Fortnite V23.10 patch, there’s been a hotfix that made some decent changes to the balance. They nerfed the Shockwave Hammer a bit, but not quite enough to make a huge change. The cooldowns are up, but the weapon still provides essentially free unlimited Shockwaves compared to past seasons.

We’ve got the rest of the Winterfest event to play through now. Once the new year hits though, we’ll start seeing more Fortnite competitive events kick off. Then we can really see how the game’s balance fares, when the top Fortnite players are competing on the new map with the new weapons.