Fortnite X DBZ – Leaks and Rumours: Are Dragon Ball Z Characters Coming to Fortnite?

Before reading, remember these are leaks and or rumors. This is not confirmed information by the developers of Fortnite. It’s just too exciting not to share!

The Fortnite leakers have done it again, in today’s leaked Fortnite news. A couple of weeks ago a rumour was going around that there was a bottle with the Capsule Corps logo found in creative coding, that has now been moved to Battle Royale.

Now with this week’s V21.30 Hotfix Update, there is more information they are finding inside the coding. @MidaRado and known Fortnite leakers believe there is a Dragon Ball Z collaboration coming soon to Fortnite, with challenges, possibly Kamehameha, anime skins, gliders, and more. Fingers crossed.

It only seems fair, as Naruto is in the game and has been since November 16, 2021. Naruto is a much more recent anime, so it was understandable why it was the first set of Fortnite anime skins to be released.

Fortnite Goku

That being said, the anime nerds that are a bit older have been hoping for a DBZ collab since Naruto opened that window with the rumour that started going around last year. Especially the ones who have even watched the original Dragon Ball with kid Goku and Bulma which aired in April 1986.

The current Fortnite leaked skins predicted are Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and a fourth skin possibly female with the code name Stamina Ball.

Also found in the coding was Hawaii; Kamehameha was named after a Hawaiian king. It’s still unknown if this will be a emote, glide, or some speculation it’s a mythical weapon. Loopers could also get a unique lobby background for the event, as well as possible Saiyan Pod Gliders. This could come as soon as the middle of August, lining up with the new Dragon Ball Super movie coming out on August 19th.

The collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z is rumored to have 7 weeks of challenges. We will probably grow impatient by week 3 or 4. Don’t get me wrong. We all love DBZ, but it took almost 30 episodes to finally beat Frieza. There are only so many times you can hear “Find out, on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z” before you are ready to throw the controller. If they don’t add that on the challenge page they will miss out on some epic trolling.

DBZ X Fortnite

As always. Gather your squad, harvest your resources, fill that shield, pick your load out, and get that victory crown. Over and out!