Fortnite leaked skins and where to find them

Fortnite skins are a major part of the game, and Fortnite leaked skins are some of the most interesting of them all. Whether you’re one of the best Fortnite players or just messing around in pubs, skins are the best way to customize and personalize how you look. Skins, emotes, and cosmetics are so popular in Fortnite that they’ve helped Epic to make $3 billion from a free game.

Fortnite Leaked Skins

The best Fortnite leaked skins you must see!

While there are loads of skins in the game already, new skins have a certain excitement to them. Fortnite leaked skins in particular bring a lot of interest from players. Fortnite leaked skins surface from time and time and provide a glimpse at what’s coming next. Leaked skins in Fortnite can be a hint towards the direction of the next Battle Pass, big event, or just a look at some content that has never been used. Unreleased Fortnite skins can even be a hint to a major change in direction the game didn’t take or a crossover that got stopped before it began.

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All Fortnite Leaked Skins

Leaked skins in Fortnite are always fun to pour over, and more seem to emerge all the time. If you’re wondering what’s next for Fortnite then take a look at some of these Fortnite leaked skins, each could be what is going to be the next driving force of the next phase in Fortnite.

These are some of the leaked Fortnite skins that have grabbed players’ attention lately:

Peter Griffin Fortnite Skin / Family Guy Skins

The Peter Griffin / Family Guy crossover has been leaked for a very long time. It’s a bit of a surprise it hasn’t been added to the game yet since it’s been leaked, seen in surveys and more. However, that strange oversight might be fixed very soon. The initial Family Guy leak came from the same leak that suggested a Doom collaboration was on the way.

That Doom collaboration came to fruition in the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 battle pass, so it lends even more credibility to the Peter Griffin leak.

Giannis Antetokoumpo Skin (Released Dec 23, 2022)

Epic Games is no stranger to working with athletes. They’ve had several join the ICON Series, from Harry Kane and Neymar, Jr. to LeBron James and Naomi Osaka. The most recent addition was Patrick Mahomes, the first NFL player to join. Now, a new leak suggests that the Greek Freak will follow him.

Giannis Fortnite

Hulk Skin

The Hulk has long been teased and many are surprised he still isn’t in the game given Fortnite’s propensity to add Marvel skins to the game. However, given his appearance in the live event and the latest leak, that is finally going to be corrected.

The Incredible Hulk, along with several related cosmetics, will be heading to the Item Shop in a few short days.

Fortnite Hulk

Gray Fox Skin in Fortnite

The Metal Gear character is a recent theorized and leaked Fortnite skin. Leakers have noticed what appears to be Gray Fox in the trailer for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. It’s too close to be a coincidence, as Epic Games never does anything without intention. They’ve added plenty of iconic gaming characters (the Gaming Legends Series), so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

My Hero Academia Skins

Once Epic Games introduced Naruto, it was only a matter of time. Shortly thereafter, Dragon Ball Z came into the game, so more anime skins are assuredly on the way. The first leaked Fortnite skins along those lines are evidently coming from My Hero Academia. These will likely be here very soon.

myheroacademia fortnite

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Fortnite MrBeast Skin (Released Dec. 14 2022)

Given his popularity, it’s a surprise that YouTube phenom Mr Beast hasn’t been added to Fortnite yet. However, an upcoming collab has been leaked, so a skin is probably coming soon. He’ll probably join other Fortnite content creators in the ICON Series, though he doesn’t have as much of a connection to the game as they do.

After the unique MrBeast x Fortnite survival challenge, players can now obtain this formerly leaked skin in the item shop.

mrbeast fortnite

What are the Leaked Skins in Fortnite?

Leaked skins in Fortnite are cosmetic items that have been found in the game, but those that we shouldn’t know about yet. These are skins that we’ve found images of or information about in the game. This information usually comes from going through the game’s code. Some have been found from leaks on the website too. Occasionally there’s even an inside source behind these leaked Fortnite skins. The ongoing Apple/Epic lawsuit has provided internal documents about quite a few leaked skins too.

Within the game’s code, there is typically content that hasn’t gone live yet. However, sometimes these Fortnite leaked skins are actually for other purposes. Like for use in an event or cinematic.

Sometimes the leaked Fortnite skins are actually unused, ones that Fortnite decided not to release for one reason or another. For the most part though, leaked skins are those that will come to the game in the future. For example, most Fortnite leaked skins in 2021 will be released this year.

How Do I Get Unreleased Fortnite Skins?

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on some of the unreleased Fortnite skins, sadly the answer is pretty much that you can’t! At least not through any legitimate means.

These skins are called unreleased or leaked for a reason! You’ll have to wait for them to finally show up in the item store or on the Battle Pass to unlock them.

You’ll see videos like this, but they don’t actually show you how to get unreleased skins. There’s no legitimate way to do it. It’s just a mock-up of what it could look like in the game. Or in the case of a skin with existing files, a ROM hack.

There are places online that pretend to be able to give you access to unreleased Fortnite skins. These sites aren’t safe to use. Some players also use some external software to try out skins in the game’s code that are unreleased.

All of this stuff could lead to Epic taking action against your account. You’ve likely not seen many players doing this, because Epic can be strict about it. As with other things against their rules, you could lose your entire account. So, it’s best just to avoid services that claim to give you access to unreleased Fortnite skins.

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Leaked Fortnite Skins that made it into the Game

Previously Leaked Fortnite Skins that made it into the Game


Madcap is an unreleased Fortnite skin with a particularly interesting theme. It looks like one of the consumable mushrooms that have been growing in different verities in Chapter 2. Why this one hasn’t been released yet we don’t know, but this one of the leaked Fortnite skins will probably just be a standard skin in the shop.

This particular skin has been kicking around for some time. Every now and again, skins stay in the code forever rather than releasing. This might be one of the Fortnite leaked skins in 2021 that doesn’t see the light of day. As a regular skin though, it could pop up at any time.

Madcap fortnite leaked skin

© Epic Games

More Save the World Skins

One safe bet for future Fortnite skins is more Save the World characters making their way over. With that game now winding down, Epic will likely look at using more of the content and giving Save the World players a bit of a bonus in the future.

A lot of the rumors at the moment are that these skins won’t be available to everyone. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but some think that they’ll be given to Save the World players. It is equally possible though that Epic has given up on that side of the game. With development finished, there might not be any more crossover!

While more Save the World unreleased Fortnite skins seemed likely, the longer we go past that game-ending the less probable they are. It would be a shame if all of those skins were left behind in that mode though.

Brilliant Bomber Bundle

The Brilliant Bomber bundle is an entire bundle that Epic has left sitting on the shelf. It has been known about for a while, but it’s one of the leaked Fortnite skins in 2020 that is still unobtainable.

Some have speculated that Epic might not want to add any more ‘bombers’ to the game right now. However, with a giant llama head, this one is hardly too similar to the rest. His skin has been in the game since last November, so it is difficult to say if it is even still coming.

Brilliant Bomber Bundle Skin

© Epic Games

Dark Skully

Dark Skully is a single skin that will likely cost 1,200 V-Bucks. It is a Fortnite unreleased skin that we don’t know very much about. Unlike some of the others here though, this one is probably just going to show up in the item shop one day.

Dark Skully Fortnite

© Epic Games


Xander is a skin that resembles a tie in to previous Season’s themes. However, it is unique enough to stand on its own. This skin has been floating around the files for a little while now, but we might still see a release soon.

Human Bill

Human Bill is a fun-looking Alien Fortnite leaked skin. It is likely a tie-in to the Season 7 events with aliens invading. Whether this is a skin that’ll come to the game or it is just a cosmetic for use in cinematics is hard to tell at the moment now.

Human Bill

© Epic Games

Marauder Heavy

Marauder heavy is a leaked Fortnite skin in 2021 that has been sat in the files for a while. Its name might be a holdover from the marauder NPCs that were previously in the game.

The Foundation

The Foundation is another skin that has been added in recent Season that looks kind of similar to recent NPCs around the map. This one could be coming later this Season. However, like a few others, it could end up being related to an event of NPC on the ground instead of a playable character.

Foundation Fortnite

© Hasbro

Pepper Throne

Pepper Throne is a fairly ordinary-looking human skin. This one can probably be expected as part of the regular item shop updates. It is one of the less remarkable unreleased Fortnite skins, but it might be held back for some unknown reason too.

Rainbow Racer

This is another pretty standard skin that will likely just be a part of the item shop rotation.

Eagle Enforcer, Swing Sergeant, Bogey Basher, Cart Champion, Putt Pursuer

These skins are all grouped in together as they have quite a few things in common. They’re all golf skins, with fairly normal human models. These ones are probably are going to be a part of a minor event, given how interchangeable they are. These Fortnite leaked skins also have several other cosmetics associated with them leaked too.

Fortnite Golf Skins


Carnage is a villain from the Spider-man series, and the monster is probably going to be making an appearance in a Venom movie soon. We can likely expect this one of the unreleased Fortnite skins to show up then as a tie-in.

Naruto & Anime Skins

References to Naruto skins have also been found in the files for Fortnite. Quite a few Fortnite anime skins have been leaked lately, so there might be more to come in this area.

Fortnite Anime

Shadow and Nite Skins

These are a batch of unreleased skins that have been in the game’s code for a little while. They consist of a ‘Team Leader’ like skin in the Shadow Strike set leaked really early. These have been Fortnite leaked skins kicking around for some time, but they finally showed up in the game itself on September 16th, 2020.

Bryce 3000

This skin seems to be a robot/man/stereotypical geek hybrid. It definitely has a lot going on. Bryce 3000 was a leaked Fortnite skin for ages before it finally debuted. It ended up in the item shop for 1,200 V-Bucks at the end of August 2020.

Bryce 3000 Fortnite

Castaway Jonsey

This is a skin that seems pretty specifically geared towards the theme of Fortnite Season 3, which is when the skin originally leaked. It took a while to actually get release though, not showing up until August 21st, 2020.  This Fortnite leaked skin did eventually make it to the item shop even if it seemed like weird timing.

Thor and Hammer

The current Battle Pass in Fortnite centers on Marvel Superheroes. This was not a well-kept secret. These leaked Fortnite skins in 2020 were known by pretty much everyone before release. The skins leaked, their powers leaked, even POIs leaked. Half of the problem was so much stuff being named in the legal documents for the whole Epic v apple thing.

The rest of the superheroes Fortnite leaked skins and were added throughout the rest of Season 4. It seems all of these leaked skins have now made their way into the game though.

Wave Breaker

Wave Breaker is a skin that was sat around for a while before it hit the store. It eventually hit the store in July 2020. The skin isn’t one of the most visually interesting out there, so it hasn’t grabbed people’s attention as much as the other unreleased Fortnite skins.

Fortnite Wave Breaker

© Epic Games

Joker Bundle

The Joker Bundle of skins has been public knowledge for a bit now. Out of all leaked skins in Fortnite, this one is probably the most well-known. The bundle includes a Joker skin, a Poison Ivy skin, and a version of Midas called Midas Rex. It was eventually released in November.

Fortnite often does skins that tie into a specific bit of media’ depiction of a famous character, like the recent Aquaman skin or the specific Batman variants they’ve released in the past, so this is a bit different. The bundle came with a harvesting tool called Bad Joke too.

The Joker bundle had a weird amount of build-up as a leaked skin before finally being released. It was then active in the game for quite some time though.


Adeline was a skint hat was kicking around as an unreleased Fortnite skin for a long time without any real reason. It came in two separate styles. One with a hood up, and another with the hood down. It also came with a back bling.

This skin was found in the game’s files during Season 3 of Chapter 2. It was eventually added to the game. The reason for such a big wait on this one was never quite made clear.

Adeline Skin

© Epic Games

Summer Specialist

The Summer specialist is a loud neon-80s kind of skin that will cost 800 V-Bucks on release. Given the summery theme of this one, it might have missed its original release window. Although, Epic’s item shop isn’t always the most predictable thing. It eventually did see a release. However, the period when it first entered the Fortnite leaked skins probably made more sense thematically for the release of this skin.

Summer Specialist Fortnite Leaked Skin

© Epic Games

Marshmello Bundle

The Marshmello bundle is one of the weirdest Fortnite leaked skins out there. This one is part of the high-profile Fortnite icons series. It’s a bundle of a skin, emote, harvest tool, and glider. It was around in the files for quite a long time, long after the Marshmello concert was held. For some reason though, the bundle wasn’t properly released. The Marshmello bundle did eventually hit the store though.

While the timing of release on this one of the Fortnite leaked skins was strange, it did work

Marshmello Bundle

© Epic Games

Corrupted Bundle

The corrupted Bundle is the source of quite a few skins which have been notable as leaked Fortnite skins. The set seems to consist of corrupted Arachne, corrupted insight, and corrupted Shogun. They’re some of the more interesting leaked Fortnite skins and probably come with some harvesting tools and gliders too.

Skin packs of this size aren’t as commonly released as those of just one skin and some extras. This one might just be waiting for next time Epic decides to release a multi-skin bundle. With the Joker bundle coming up soon, there might be a big wait for this one of the Fortnite leaked skins.

Fortnite Corrupted Bundle

© Epic Games

Unreleased Leaked Skins

Unreleased Leaked Skins

Not all Fortnite leaked skins are coming to the game. While those still have a shot at showing up, it is unlikely that we’re going to see these ones appear. These are unreleased skins that you probably be seeing anytime soon in the game:

Metroid – Samus

During Fortnite’s Hunters Season, various famous hunters crossed over in the game. A recent lawsuit provided internal documents that point to one unuse hunter, Samus from Nintendo’s Metroid series. This skin going unreleased isn’t too big of a mystery. Nintendo doesn’t allow their content in crossovers unless it is exclusive to their consoles. This doesn’t work with how Epic does skins, so the Samus skin was likely canceled because of this. Unlike most of the other unreleased Fortnite skins, this one probably isn’t going to make it in eventually.

Metroid Samus Fortnite

Star Trek Skins

Star Treks Skins of some variety have been found in the code for Fortnite recently. We don’t know much more about these skins although it can be assumed they’ll be wearing the recognizable Starfleet costumes.

Fortnite Star Trek

Live long and prosper!