4 Reasons why Fortnite is the most viewed game on the Internet

You’ve probably seen how much of an impact Fortnite has had on internet culture over the past few months. It’s very surprising to see a game take the world by storm like this, but there are many reasons why it has happened.

In this article, we take a look at the 4 biggest reasons why Fortnite has become the most viewed game on the internet, despite not even having an esports scene yet.

It’s A Very Accessible Game

Fortnite is very accessible – it’s got gameplay mechanics that are easy for players to get to grips with, and the gun mechanics are as forgiving as possible. This makes Fortnite a great game for all audiences.



Fortnite has gained a lot of popularity due to some of the same reasons why Minecraft blew up in the past. Just like Minecraft, Fortnite has catered especially to the younger generations, which has proven to be one of the biggest demographics on the internet, time and time again.

Battle Royale Is The Future Of Shooter Games

Battle Royale games are here to stay. The rinse and repeat shooters that get pushed out each year like Call of Duty are slowly losing their charm.



These types of games are great introductions to the world of video games and they’re good fun for casual players, but for anybody that has already played a shooter for a year or two, they can quickly lose their entertainment value.

Battle Royale games are essentially a refreshed take on the perfect casual shooter experience. We think Battle Royale games will be at the forefront of gaming for at least the next 5 years, and Fortnite is leading the wave.

Fortnite Is Free To Play

Another reason why Fortnite has proven to be so successful on platforms like Twitch and Youtube is that it’s free to play. Everything in Fortnite is accessible to all players, and the only thing behind a paywall are cosmetics and challenges that help to unlock cosmetics faster.



The fact that Fortnite is free to play has only helped the game to spread in popularity even faster, and this has helped to grow the viewing audience on live streaming platforms. PUBG was very successful in 2017, but Fortnite managed to exceed PUBG’s growth, perhaps because Fortnite is free to play.

Epic Games Has Been Incredibly Community Focused

One very important reason why Fortnite has been so successful is that Epic Games, the development team working on Fortnite, has been incredibly focused on the community.


Epic Games is constantly adding new features, new weapons, and new cosmetic items to Fortnite. They are also listening to player feedback to make balancing changes, and Epic Games are reaching out to the community to run fun events and challenges, such as the #boogiedownchallenge.

It’s rare that a developer is ever this open to communication with their player base, and Epic Games are showing that it’s absolutely the way you need to go if you’d like to make a successful video game.

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Images courtesy of Epic Games