5 Fortnite Players to watch in 2019

2019 is an exciting year for competitive Fortnite. Epic are pumping resources and time into creating a much more vibrant scene. However, Fortnite is a fairly unique Esport that lacks the dominance of big teams. Unaffiliated teams regularly take home the grand prize in Fortnite events. Even within big teams, player rosters are pretty fluid. Fortnite’s major players tend to be those who have made a name for themselves as streamers or other content creators.

However, not everyone who can tell jokes while streaming Fortnite is good enough to be a pro-player. These 5 players have all demonstrated their abilities over 2018. These names will likely be the people to watch in 2019 competitive Fortnite.

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Tfue is a player best known for his Twitch and YouTube content covering Fortnite. However, he is also a notable force in tournaments. He took the grand prize in last year’s Fall Skirmish, as well as placing high in both the Legion Sunday Showdown and BoomTV Code Red. If he can repeat this sort of performance in 2019 he will definitely be a player to keep your eyes on. He’s due to take part in the Secret Skirmish, where it might well repeat his Fall Skirmish result.


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Nate Hill is a player affiliated with FaZe Clan team. While he doesn’t make as big of a splash in other media as some other Fortnite pros, his tournament performance has still been strong. He is yet to take home the top prize in any major event but has placed highly in some stages of the Fall Skirmish Series, the Summer Skirmish Series, and BoomTV Code Red. His team eventually came in second at the Fall Skirmish. While he has not yet won any tournaments, 2019 might be the year that all changes for Nate Hill.

Logan has recently left the Gankstars team. His tournament success so far indicates that he is due to do big things this year. He placed respectively in the Summer and Fall Skirmishes, although he is yet to crack into the very highest tier of top players. He is better suited to Duo games. While his results haven’t set the world on fire so far, he has consistently placed just outside of the winning teams. This consistency gives him a good base to build on for more success in 2019. Now he is a free agent, it’s possible that with the right Duos partner he can start getting those big wins..

Like Nate Hill, Cloak is another player attached to the FaZe Clan. He has placed highly in both the Summer Skirmish and Fall Skirmish. He had a worse performance at the BoomTV Code Red tournament but still placed in the top 20. He typically plays duos with Tfue. Together, they are one of the most impressive Duo teams currently playing in Fortnite.


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X2Twins Jesse are players for Renegades. While previously relatively unknown, this duo of twins has risen to promise in the recent Fortnite Summer Smash at the Australian Open. They took first place in this tournament. Getting the first big win of the 2019 Fortnite season has definitely set X2Twins off to a good start.


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These players are all worth keeping an eye on in 2019. They are the players best positioned to dominate the major upcoming tournaments. Fortnite is still a fresh competitive game though, so expect some surprises over the course of the year.

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