Fortnite Split Screen: How to Play with Friends on One Console

Fortnite is a great game to play with friends, dropping in and trying to get the Dub together and now you can play Fortnite split screen! But what about local in-person co-op?

This is a style of multiplayer that is probably more associated with Golden Eye and Halo than modern Battle Royales like Fortnite! However, the game actually offers many more options for playing with friends in person than you might think. It might be a bit more taxing on your device and a bit more restrictive in game modes, but there are options for how to play split screen.

This is a feature that’s only available on a few versions of Fortnite. There are also only specific game modes that you can use. However, how to play Fortnite split screen is a lot simpler than you might expect and it isn’t a big downgrade. You don’t even have to be using the best Fortnite settings to get a decent performance out of split screen. This is how it all works and what you need to know to play split screen.

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Can You Play Split Screen on Fortnite?

There’s good news on this front! You can play split screen on Fortnite for PS4 or for Xbox. These two consoles both have options for playing the game in split screen mode. Although, it hasn’t always been this way.

Not all Fortnite seasons have had split screen. Despite it being a more old-fashioned style of multiplayer for shooters, it was actually only added into the game during Chapter 2 Season 1! Players couldn’t do split screen before this.

It likely took so long because of the challenges involved with such high player numbers. Fortnite can stutter a bit on older hardware, having to have two players with unique viewpoints working at once in the same lobby as hundreds of others definitely made local co-op more complicated. It does currently work in the game though, provided you’re on the right platform!

Step by Step to Playing Split Screen

It’s easy to set up split screen This is how to play split screen on PS4 and Xbox:

  • Open Fortnite
  • Got to the Main Menu
  • Connect Two Controllers
  • Invite the second player to select their account
  • Once two players are connected, you should be able to see both of you in the lobby. This will launch split-screen mode.

Once you go through this, you can play without a care in the world and work your way up for Fortnite ranks together. Matches will have a split layout, with two players using the same device to compete together. You can do this to play Squads and Duos, although you can’t do Solos. Playing two separate games in split screen would be a bit more than the game could handle!

Why Can’t All Players Use Split Screen?

That’s how to play Fortnite split screen, but you’ve probably noticed there are quite a few limitations there. Only two-player game modes make sense, but what about the limitation on platform? PC being written out is more about how people tend to play on PC, with split screen not being common. The Wwitch is likely ruled out because of the hardware problems, Chapter 4 has some issues with Switch on one player.

While split screen might not be the main mode for Fortnite esports, it could be a fun way to jump into multiplayer with friends this season.

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