Epic reveal details for Fortnite World Cup

Epic has finally announced more details about the upcoming Fortnite World Cup. They have revealed the prize pool, dates, and qualifying details for their big tournaments this summer. The World Cup is set to be the highlight of 2019 for competitive Fortnite. These details should come as a relief to players and fans given Epic’s previous secrecy about the qualifying process for their tournaments.

Epic is terming the qualifying process the Road to the Fortnite World Cup. Each week between April 13th and June 16th there will be open tournaments running in Fortnite. These will likely be conducted similarly to the Pop-Up-Cups that have previously been held. These opens will determine which Fortnite best players are selected to enter the final Fortnite World Cup roster. Hopefully, this more transparent system of qualifying will lead to some fresh talent at the event rather than the usual mix of streamers.


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Each of these tournaments also carries its own prize pool. This puts $1,000,000 at stake once a week for the entire run-up to the Fortnite World Cup. With this kind of prize money at stake, even these qualifying rounds should be entertaining.

Anyone over the age of 13 is eligible to enter these tournaments to have a shot at winning the prize pool and qualifying for the World Cup. From the results of these opens, the top 100 Solo players and top 50 Duos teams will be selected for entering into the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Currently, it remains to be seen if Duos players will be chosen as a team or forced to compete with a randomly selected teammate as was the case at the recent Secret Skirmish. That choice made for some interesting match-ups, but it’s not an ideal plan for teams who practise together.

The Fortnite World Cup

After the qualifying rounds are over, the players will compete in the actual tournament in Ney York City over July 26-28. The prize pool for this event is $30,000,000. When combined with the pay-outs for the qualifying rounds, the Fortnite World Cup will cost Epic at least $40,000,000 making it the biggest prize pool for an event in Esports ever, beating DOTA 2’s previous record.


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Every single player who competes in the Fortnite World Cup will be guaranteed a pay-out of at least $50,000. While this might reduce the prize pool for the overall winner, it will definitely make the qualifying rounds a lot more interesting. When there are millions riding just on qualifying, everyone is going to be competing.

This tournament goes a long way towards helping Epic hit their goal of spending $100,000,000 in prize money over the course of 2019. Alongside this announcement, Epic has confirmed that these open tournaments will continue throughout the year past the World Cup.

These events will remain weekly occurrences with the same $1,000,000 prizes after the selection for the tournament is over. Epic has indicated that these events will play it a little looser with the rules, maybe bringing in some of the alternative rule-sets frequently featured as modes in Fortnite. This experimentation might help Fortnite’s scene grow beyond the Solos and Duos pattern and embrace a form of tournaments as weird as the game itself is.

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