First 19 players get their spots at the Fortnite World Cup

The first eighteen players to qualify for this year’s Fortnite World Cup have been announced. These are the Fortnite best players who came out on top of last weekends opening event. The initial qualifiers are open to all players, which has lead to a few surprises. While plenty of major players have already secured their spots, these initial eighteen include a few surprises. If the entire event continues in this fashion, we’re likely to see one of the most unpredictable event rosters yet.


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The biggest established names to already make the grade are TSM_Comadon in the NA East region, and Liquid Vivid also in the NA East region. These are the most established personalities to have already gotten their spot. Each was very likely to end up competing, but it must be nice to have the pressure taken off so early. These players can each now spend the rest of the build-up practising while other pros compete for their slot.

Out of the eighteen players who have already qualified, eight are only 16 years old or younger. This is an incredibly young dynamic for the eventual Fortnite World Cup. This continues to demonstrate the talent and ability that is emerging in younger players in the game. More and more, competitive teams are looking to younger players to represent them.

This is the full breakdown of those players who qualified, sorted by the regions they are in for these events:


  • TQ Prison 3ro
  • Gambit. Letw1k3
  • Trainh DRG
  • NRG Benjyfish
  • LDLC Nayte
  • E11 Stompy
  • Hreds Belaeu
  • S2V DiegoGB

NA East

  • Dubs FN
  • Liquid Vivid
  • Ghost Bizzle
  • 100t Ceice
  • Sen Bugha
  • TSM_Comadon

NA West

  • Bloom Riversan
  • Snow XD


  • Top_FaxFox


  • Slayla

Pro players vs. Little Timmy

While many of these players are not particularly well known, so far the point system has been consistent in rewarding top tier play. In the lead up to the event, pro players became concerned about what they called “little Timmy”. They worried that the Fortnite World Cup would end up full of relatively young players who get there through luck. Their fears were based on the qualification system potentially rewarding players who play a lot as much as players who play at a high skill level. These would be younger players who manage to play very well a few times through sheer luck. They were concerned too many of the eventual qualifiers would be “Timmys”.

The results for the first weekend look like their fears were unfounded. While there was potential for that sort of situation, everyone who qualified over the course of the weekend deserved their spot. Despite the speculation, it appears Epic has managed to produce a qualifying system that is fair while being open. This bodes well for only the most skilled players making it through. Keep your eyes open over the next few weekends for more pro players getting their spots and potentially the emergence of the much anticipated “Little Timmy” as the new top player.

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