Are fixes to Fortnite Turbo Building and Mechs causing more problems?

Competitive Fortnite has had a weird few weeks. Season 10’s bad start has lead to Epic lurching from problem to problem with the competitive community. A fix finally came for the B.R.U.T.E mechs, which was coupled with the removal of popular Turbo-Building mechanic. This week things were briefly teased to be improving with the mechs being disabled entirely and Epic responding to the Fortnite Turbo-Building problems. However, it was to be short-lived. Further problems have been found and the mechs will be making their way back sooner rather than later.

Fortnite Turbo Building and Mechs

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It has been something of a rollercoaster ride for pro players recently. While their bickering over additions to the game adds some drama to what counts as a quiet week for Fortnite, it does have some legitimate implications for the way they play the game. With the mechs being removed, added, nerfed, buffed, removed and added whenever Epic feels like it, it becomes quite difficult or players to actually get any practice in with them.

Equally, Turbo-Building is a really important part of the game and its absence is going to cause some real problems for pretty much every player out there.

Fortnite Turbo Building

In a recent update, Epic chose to inexplicably nerf the Turbo-Building mechanic. This was an understandably unpopular move. The outcry against it from players was enough for Epic to take notice. Later in the week they issued a statement on the controversy and reversed the changes to Turbo building.

This wasn’t the end of the problem though. The apparently fixed Turbo Building was found to be full of its own problems and the fix was working unreliably for some players.

Despite a hotfix being pushed out, some players are still reporting problems using Turbo Building and pros are unhappy with how sloppy the transition has been. The bugs caused by this could have been avoided entirely if they had simply left the mechanic alone to begin with. This is especially irritating as they essentially reversed the changes.

Fortnite Mechs

The B.R.U.T.E Mechs in Fortnite have become a real problem since their introduction. They’ve been adjusted just about every way that it is possible to adjust. Yet, they remain a particularly unpopular element of the game for both players and fans. Competitive players were fairly happy about the news of the mechs being removed from the game until an issue was resolved. Unfortunately, that issue didn’t actually take very long to be fixed. They will be back in the game and even back in competitive games next week.

The reintroduction will be just in time to crash into the Fortnite Championship Series! The latest competitive event from Epic that has had plenty of problems of its own. Between the removal and reintroduction of mechs and some ongoing party issues in the game, the event has been pushed back slightly but clearly not long enough. It will still be played on a version of the game that features temporary fixes and removals, rather than the stable version you’d ideally want in a competitive game.

When can they actually get back to playing Fortnite?

With all of this chaos going on, this is still some Fortnite being played. Outside of Epic’s official events, community-sponsored games tend to go quite a bit smoother. Free from the concerns about what has been nerfed or removed from Epic’s own competitive servers, you’re free to just enjoy the action.

For pro players though, these changes and bugs at the launch of a big event are more than just a nuisance. Turbo Building and mechs being messed around with at the final second before a tournament make it hard for players to practise. It makes it difficult for players to perform at their best at events. If you enjoy watching top tier Fortnite players, you don’t really want them to be studying patch notes as a tournament loads up.

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